Indiana's 21 Month Update


With Parker's arrival earlier this month I think this has been the quickest month so far! Indiana is 21 months today and seeming more like a little girl and not a toddler every single day. This month she became a big sister and finally looks big and grown up haha.

Indies taken to Parker amazingly and is totally besotted with him. She helps with nappy changes, when he's crying she tries to gives him his dummy, and the second he makes a noise she's right there with him. She can say Parker in her own way and gives him lots of cuddles and kisses. She has acted up slightly due to having less attention on her all the time, but overall she's just carried on as normal! We've kept her routine exactly the same, and she's continuing to go to nursery twice a week just like before.

Her sleep has been even better than before P was born which is surprising haha. She doesn't wake when he cries and has been sleeping in until 7 most days. I think this is due to the teething giving her a rest for the time being - although I'm sure I've jinxed this now haha.
Her new obsession this month is Minions! She's not one to sit still for very long but stick the little short episodes on the iPad (we only use this occasionally!), and she'll sit still for the whole 15 minutes. Her other favourite is colouring. She's always loved arts and crafts, but recently she's really got into drawing pictures, and making everyone around colour too!

Her speech improves with every passing day and were so proud. She's a little sponge now and will remember and repeat back words to you (only on her terms though haha). Nursery has mentioned she's quite quiet and she has a habit of going shy around other people too. The second she relaxes and comes out of her shell she doesn't stop though. Yesterday she came out with 'butterfly' which I thought was pretty impressive! Her favourite phrase at the moment is 'what's that noise?' - most of the time it's her haha. She is very good at pointing out things and saying what they are too.
We're thinking about potty training more now as she gets older (not just yet though). She can say wee wee and poo so that's one step closer... Although she does confuse poo with popping off bless her haha. She can say and understands what her nappy is too so we don't reckon it'll be long before we start.

She's been an absolute joy this past month, and I've loved being able to spend 3 weeks together as a family. She does still have her tantrums and strops but the cuddles and kisses, and her cheeky little face definitely makes up for it. She got her first hair cut this month and her feet finally grew (only just to a 4.5H haha). I wonder what's in store for the next month?!

Lansinoh Single Electric Breast Pump | Review


When I was pregnant with Parker I knew I wanted to give breastfeeding a go. I did want Jack to be involved as much as possible though. Therefore I decided I needed to invest in a breast pump so we could use bottles too. After looking online at the many different options I ended up with the Lansinoh Single Electic Breast Pump and I have to say it was amazing!

Lansinoh is a brand I've only ever heard positive things about. The second I mentioned breastfeeding everyone raved about their Lanolin cream (which is also absolutely fantastic and saved me in those first few days!); so I knew the pump was going to be good.

I knew I wanted the electric version as I have heard how much more convenient and quicker they are. They have a double version as well - but I think this is more suited to if you are solely pumping or if you really want to have a large supply of breast milk stored.

Jack was really helpful in the first few days and was the first person to actually get the pump out of the box. He was really impressed at how simple it was to put together - something I think is really important when you've got a newborn to look after (and a toddler as well in my case haha). There are a number of parts but they all slot together quickly and easily, and there's not much chance to getting it wrong! There's also no need to clean the tubing which is a great feature.

The pump is so simple to use; you simply pop it on, press a button and you're off! The pump is designed to imitate how a baby feeds, featuring two stages. The first is the 'let down' stage which stimulates the milk flow, and then the second is the 'expression' phase which is slower and deeper suction to maximise the milk flow. You can start the first phase at any time by pressing the the droplet button, and the second has 6 adjustable suction levels by pressing the +/- buttons!

The pump came with one of Lansinoh's Momma bottles with the NaturalWave teat (which is designed to be as close to breastfeeding as possible). I pumped straight into these bottles and then either stored with the provided sealing disc in the fridge, or transferred into a storage bag. This means you can pump and feed straight away without having to transfer and risk losing any precious milk! Parker wasn't a massive fan of these bottles I will admit, but for others it would be much more convenient.

The pump can be either plugged into the mains (it's got a really long lead which is fab), or used with batteries. It takes 6 x AA which I think is quite a lot, but then I suppose it's doing a lot of work!

The pump itself felt comfortable when on, however I did have a few problems with the silicone bit. It would come away from my breast leaking milk out from the bottom - a lot of wasted milk which made me pretty upset. It happened a number of times so I'm not sure if it's from the position or just a flaw with the product. The only other negative (which wasn't really a problem for me) is that it's not that quiet.

Overall I'm very happy with the product. It made breastfeeding a lot easier for me and allowed Jack to be involved with feeding Parker. I don't think I would have carried on as long as I did without it; and even when I stopped breastfeeding it meant Parker was still getting my milk - and I was getting the relief I needed when my breasts were so full of milk! I would definitely recommend this product and I think it's worth it's £99.95 price tag.

Disclaimer - I was sent this pump for the purpose of this review. All opinions are honest, my own and 100% true.

My Birth Story | Parker John


I still cannot believe my baby boy is here and just how amazing his labour and delivery was. I thought it was finally time to share the story with you (I've filmed a more detailed version which you can watch too!).

Sunday 2nd August 
We had spent the whole weekend walking, cleaning, preparing and enjoying time as a family of 3. Sunday evening I started getting period pains that were coming and going in waves. They got worse throughout the night - the hot water bottle wasn't working, I couldn't sleep and I was sick - I really thought this was the start of something.

Monday 3rd August
After finally getting to sleep Sunday night I woke up and most of the pains were gone, I was just left with a few aches and pains. I spend the whole day doing absolutely nothing (Indiana was at nursery) and catching up on sleep.

Tuesday 4th August
I woke at 5am to my waters trickling. It wasn't much but I knew it wasn't nothing! I put a pad on and got back into bed and told Jack. We called triage around 9am who said if nothing had happened since it was probably nothing; so Jack went to work and we carried on as usual.

Just before 1pm I went to the toilet and I'd had my bloody show - a sign something was happening at least haha - and then not long after, I lost a lot more of my waters (there was no denying it this time)! I got Jack home from work and we went into triage to get things checked over.

I'd not had any pains since so we weren't worried. They offered us a scan while we were there, as there was a group of trainee midwives who needed volunteers haha. They measured my fluid levels and according to the main midwife she didn't think they had gone; it may have been my hind waters. However when I went to get properly checked they went again all over the bed! As I wasn't in labour they booked me in for an induction and sent us on our way.

By 3pm we were back at Gemma's (my sister who was my second birth partner) and within half an hour my contractions started. They were ALL in my back and never went around to my belly throughout my whole labour. They started around 6/7 minutes apart and by 5pm were every 3-5 minutes lasting around a minute! Indiana was collected by Jack's parents at 6.30pm and that's when they became a lot more intense.

I was now making noises throughout each contraction so I knew things were progressing a lot faster than with Indiana. I got in the bath around 7/7.30pm which did help but not massively. By this point they were coming as close as 1/2 minutes apart and lasting a minute - and bloody painful!! We decided to go into hospital at this point as things were going SO fast.

We arrived at 8.15 and I was checked pretty quickly (after the midwife tried to get me to do a urine sample!). I was 6cm dilated but she said she could stretch me to 8cm! I was given gas and air finally and we were wheeled over to the delivery suite where I got the pool room I wanted. I had to wait for it to fill up though which was the longest wait of my life!

Since arriving at hospital I was getting loads of pressure in my bum; by the time we got to the room I felt like I needed to push. I will admit I was screaming in pain at this point and almost accidental broke Jack's finger haha. I was hanging over the back of the bed where I begged for the epidural - yes I know how dramatic haha - but there really wasn't time.

I finally made it into the pool and within two contractions our baby boy was born. Once in the pool I really got into the zone and was much more focused. The sensation of pushing is the strangest thing I've ever experienced and they don't lie about the 'ring of fire' haha. His arm came out next to his head so I did suffer a 2nd degree tear; but honestly that has felt like nothing compared to the episiotomy I had with Indiana!

Parker was born in the pool at 9.30pm after just 12 minutes of pushing and Jack got to cut the cord. It was the most painful but also the most amazing experience, and I'm so glad I got the birth I wanted. He latched on really well and wasn't the huge boy we were expecting, weighing 8lb 9oz.

He's now 2 weeks old and I can't believe it.  It's gone even faster than my pregnancy - if you missed my weekly updates you can find them all here!

How different were your labours? Parker's birth was completely different to Indiana's!

DIY Maternity Photos


As you may know I'm no longer pregnant, and our baby boy Parker is now a week old! However I really want to share these maternity pictures with you, as I didn't get the time before he was born haha.

These were all taken by Jack with his DSLR at one of our local National Trust parks. I was 38+6 weeks pregnant and little did we know these would be some of my final bump pictures. They're absolutely amazing, and I'm so glad I've documented so much of Parker as a bump.

I can honestly say as uncomfortable as I was I think I miss my bump already! There's nothing like feeling your little one inside you, it's truly a special bond, and one I'll never forget.

I still cannot believe the boy I'm looking at right now fit inside my tummy just a few days ago!



So you may have noticed if you follow me on social media, that our beautiful baby boy decided to surprise us with an early appearance on Tuesday!

Parker John arrived on Tuesday 4th August at 9.30pm  weighing 8lb 9oz - born at 39+2 (39+1 according to my 'official' scan dates haha). He made a very quick entrance with my official length of labour down as under 5hours. It was totally natural with just gas and air, and a quick dash into the pool where he was delivered. I will be writing a proper birth story at a later date though.

We are now home and recovering well. Indiana is totally besotted with her baby brother and we are so proud of how well she's taken to him so far.

I may be quiet on here for a little bit while we enjoy our new bundle, and adjust to life with 2 under 2. Thank you for all of your well wishes, love and support throughout my whole pregnancy. We cannot wait to share the next step in our journey with you as a family of four.

Emily, Jack, Indiana and Parker xx

39 Week Pregnancy Update | Baby #2


As much as I wish I wasn't haha, I'm still pregnant, and now 39 weeks. My due date is just 7 days away and I really cannot believe it! I know I still could go over due, but at least I can definitely say I'm having a baby this month - crazy! Baby now weighs over 7lbs, is up to 50cm long and is the size of a watermelon (and boy can I feel it haha).

I still don't reckon baby is on his way any time soon if I'm honest. The only slight sign that he's going to make his arrival, is that I've been having period like pains most evenings. They never last though and I've honestly just been ignoring them haha. Hopefully they are a positive sign though.

I saw the midwife Monday for my 38 week appointment. It wasn't my usual midwife but she was lovely and gave me some pretty helpful info. All checks on me were great - my belly was measuring 40cm though so this big boy is measuring 2 weeks ahead now! She also said although he's still 2/5ths engaged he is laying sideways (he is on the right and facing the left instead of my spine). She said this can make labour slightly longer, so to try rocking on all fours to try and move him. I also asked whether she reckons he's a good size, and she has estimated him to be over 9lbs haha - ouch!

Not a pregnancy symptom as such but I've had the worst cold all this week! So not only is my sleep long gone from needing the loo, being hot and so uncomfortable, but also from not being able to breathe... lucky me haha. It seems to be on it's way out now so fingers crossed it's fully gone before labours starts.

That's about it for this week. I feel absolutely gigantic now and I can feel myself waddling whenever I walk anywhere. We've done lots of walking the past few days, and Jack and I enjoyed our final meal out as a couple before he arrives. We just want him to arrive now; come on little man!

Hopefully I'll have a baby announcement next week, but I have a slight feeling this boy is going to be stubborn, just like his mummy haha.

Preparing Indiana For The New Baby


When we first found out we were expecting Indiana had only just turned 1. She was still my baby and if I'm honest I was slightly worried about the age gap. However now she's 20 months old and baby can arrive any day, I'm not as worried anymore.

Indie's very caring and loving; her recent nursery report even said how she helps out with the younger babies in her room, giving them their dummies when they're crying. She loves her baby doll and enjoys feeding her her bottle - followed by patting her on the back and putting her in her bed to 'sleep' and trying to change her nappy too. Although she seems pretty ready by herself, these are the few things we did to help her understand a bit more, and to get her involved with the pregnancy.

From day one we explained to her about the baby in mummy's tummy. As my bump has grown she now refers to it as 'baby', and the second it's on show she runs over to give it kisses and cuddles. We talk to her constantly about her baby brother and if you ask her about him she nearly always points at my tummy. It's so so sweet and I do think she has some sort of understanding about what's going on.

We have also read a number of books to her about babies and being a sibling. My personal favourite is 'There's A House Inside My Mummy', which is all about a little boy and the baby in his mummy's tummy. I'd definitely recommend it! She now points out the people in the story as well as pointing at the 'baby' when it's a bump, and when it's finally born at the end.

I've let Indiana listen to her brother on the doppler a number of times as well. Her little face lights up with awe when she hears the heartbeat through the headphones. She's now taken to getting it out herself and bringing it to me to listen, I even caught her trying to listen to her own baby in her belly the other day; too cute!

Indie's come to most of my midwife appointments with me too. She never takes her eyes off of me when the midwife is doing her checks, and she absolutely loves hearing his heartbeat on the doppler. I think this is great as it gives her even more understanding of what is going on. It's also taught her to sit pretty well in her pushchair while mummy is busy - hopefully something she'll keep up when her brother has his jabs and appointments.

Finally we've let her help with sorting out his baby things. We've now washed and got out all of her old baby equipment such as the swing and bouncer. She's loved putting her baby in them and 'playing mum' and although not the best, she's even been enjoying the bouncer for herself haha.

We think we're as ready as we can be for baby to arrive now. A 20 month age gap still does seem a bit scary - two in nappies, double pram, a demanding baby AND toddler - but I think we're going to be just fine. Any tips would be amazing though, and wish us lots of luck haha!