Preparing Indiana For The New Baby


When we first found out we were expecting Indiana had only just turned 1. She was still my baby and if I'm honest I was slightly worried about the age gap. However now she's 20 months old and baby can arrive any day, I'm not as worried anymore.

Indie's very caring and loving; her recent nursery report even said how she helps out with the younger babies in her room, giving them their dummies when they're crying. She loves her baby doll and enjoys feeding her her bottle - followed by patting her on the back and putting her in her bed to 'sleep' and trying to change her nappy too. Although she seems pretty ready by herself, these are the few things we did to help her understand a bit more, and to get her involved with the pregnancy.

From day one we explained to her about the baby in mummy's tummy. As my bump has grown she now refers to it as 'baby', and the second it's on show she runs over to give it kisses and cuddles. We talk to her constantly about her baby brother and if you ask her about him she nearly always points at my tummy. It's so so sweet and I do think she has some sort of understanding about what's going on.

We have also read a number of books to her about babies and being a sibling. My personal favourite is 'There's A House Inside My Mummy', which is all about a little boy and the baby in his mummy's tummy. I'd definitely recommend it! She now points out the people in the story as well as pointing at the 'baby' when it's a bump, and when it's finally born at the end.

I've let Indiana listen to her brother on the doppler a number of times as well. Her little face lights up with awe when she hears the heartbeat through the headphones. She's now taken to getting it out herself and bringing it to me to listen, I even caught her trying to listen to her own baby in her belly the other day; too cute!

Indie's come to most of my midwife appointments with me too. She never takes her eyes off of me when the midwife is doing her checks, and she absolutely loves hearing his heartbeat on the doppler. I think this is great as it gives her even more understanding of what is going on. It's also taught her to sit pretty well in her pushchair while mummy is busy - hopefully something she'll keep up when her brother has his jabs and appointments.

Finally we've let her help with sorting out his baby things. We've now washed and got out all of her old baby equipment such as the swing and bouncer. She's loved putting her baby in them and 'playing mum' and although not the best, she's even been enjoying the bouncer for herself haha.

We think we're as ready as we can be for baby to arrive now. A 20 month age gap still does seem a bit scary - two in nappies, double pram, a demanding baby AND toddler - but I think we're going to be just fine. Any tips would be amazing though, and wish us lots of luck haha!


  1. I can't give you any advice but you'll be amazing! You are such a cute little family and cannot wait to hear of news of your little boy. Good luck xx

  2. Sounds as though you're doing a great job of getting her ready Hun and she is adjusting well already! Xx

  3. I think you will be amazing, you are doing a fantastic job already, it sounds like she has a really good understanding of what is going on. I can't wait to see pictures of your new arrival. Your pregnancy seems to have flown by, although I am sure it doesn't feel like that to you. xxx
    Steph |

  4. No advice but you'll be fab! Indiana will be a super big sister...the photos are too cute! X


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