DIY Maternity Photos


As you may know I'm no longer pregnant, and our baby boy Parker is now a week old! However I really want to share these maternity pictures with you, as I didn't get the time before he was born haha.

These were all taken by Jack with his DSLR at one of our local National Trust parks. I was 38+6 weeks pregnant and little did we know these would be some of my final bump pictures. They're absolutely amazing, and I'm so glad I've documented so much of Parker as a bump.

I can honestly say as uncomfortable as I was I think I miss my bump already! There's nothing like feeling your little one inside you, it's truly a special bond, and one I'll never forget.

I still cannot believe the boy I'm looking at right now fit inside my tummy just a few days ago!


  1. Beautiful pics, it seems surreal that he's finally here out of your tummy! Wish I'd done some maternity pics, think I've left it a bit too late though since I have 0 energy!

    Paula ♥ | xo

  2. Gah not sure of my comment went through or not! But anyway I'll start again haha! I missed my bump instantly when Penelope was born and even a year on I miss it even more. Perhaps this is tmi for sharing this but secretly when I have wind twirling around in my tummy it reminds me of those first few little kicks and flutters. Always makes me smile even if it isn't really as magical in reality haha xxx

  3. Anonymous14/8/15

    Lovely pictures. I wish I had more pictures of a pregnant me.


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