39 Week Pregnancy Update | Baby #2


As much as I wish I wasn't haha, I'm still pregnant, and now 39 weeks. My due date is just 7 days away and I really cannot believe it! I know I still could go over due, but at least I can definitely say I'm having a baby this month - crazy! Baby now weighs over 7lbs, is up to 50cm long and is the size of a watermelon (and boy can I feel it haha).

I still don't reckon baby is on his way any time soon if I'm honest. The only slight sign that he's going to make his arrival, is that I've been having period like pains most evenings. They never last though and I've honestly just been ignoring them haha. Hopefully they are a positive sign though.

I saw the midwife Monday for my 38 week appointment. It wasn't my usual midwife but she was lovely and gave me some pretty helpful info. All checks on me were great - my belly was measuring 40cm though so this big boy is measuring 2 weeks ahead now! She also said although he's still 2/5ths engaged he is laying sideways (he is on the right and facing the left instead of my spine). She said this can make labour slightly longer, so to try rocking on all fours to try and move him. I also asked whether she reckons he's a good size, and she has estimated him to be over 9lbs haha - ouch!

Not a pregnancy symptom as such but I've had the worst cold all this week! So not only is my sleep long gone from needing the loo, being hot and so uncomfortable, but also from not being able to breathe... lucky me haha. It seems to be on it's way out now so fingers crossed it's fully gone before labours starts.

That's about it for this week. I feel absolutely gigantic now and I can feel myself waddling whenever I walk anywhere. We've done lots of walking the past few days, and Jack and I enjoyed our final meal out as a couple before he arrives. We just want him to arrive now; come on little man!

Hopefully I'll have a baby announcement next week, but I have a slight feeling this boy is going to be stubborn, just like his mummy haha.


  1. Oh wow so close now!! Hope the cold goes before labour...you'll need all the breath you've got!! Good luck x

  2. Eeek, so exciting! I have heard that having a cold and feeling rubbish can be a sign that things are going to start so fingers crossed! I'm keeping my eyes peeled xx

  3. Anonymous2/8/15

    whens it up on utube @emilyandindiana xx


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