Lansinoh Single Electric Breast Pump | Review


When I was pregnant with Parker I knew I wanted to give breastfeeding a go. I did want Jack to be involved as much as possible though. Therefore I decided I needed to invest in a breast pump so we could use bottles too. After looking online at the many different options I ended up with the Lansinoh Single Electic Breast Pump and I have to say it was amazing!

Lansinoh is a brand I've only ever heard positive things about. The second I mentioned breastfeeding everyone raved about their Lanolin cream (which is also absolutely fantastic and saved me in those first few days!); so I knew the pump was going to be good.

I knew I wanted the electric version as I have heard how much more convenient and quicker they are. They have a double version as well - but I think this is more suited to if you are solely pumping or if you really want to have a large supply of breast milk stored.

Jack was really helpful in the first few days and was the first person to actually get the pump out of the box. He was really impressed at how simple it was to put together - something I think is really important when you've got a newborn to look after (and a toddler as well in my case haha). There are a number of parts but they all slot together quickly and easily, and there's not much chance to getting it wrong! There's also no need to clean the tubing which is a great feature.

The pump is so simple to use; you simply pop it on, press a button and you're off! The pump is designed to imitate how a baby feeds, featuring two stages. The first is the 'let down' stage which stimulates the milk flow, and then the second is the 'expression' phase which is slower and deeper suction to maximise the milk flow. You can start the first phase at any time by pressing the the droplet button, and the second has 6 adjustable suction levels by pressing the +/- buttons!

The pump came with one of Lansinoh's Momma bottles with the NaturalWave teat (which is designed to be as close to breastfeeding as possible). I pumped straight into these bottles and then either stored with the provided sealing disc in the fridge, or transferred into a storage bag. This means you can pump and feed straight away without having to transfer and risk losing any precious milk! Parker wasn't a massive fan of these bottles I will admit, but for others it would be much more convenient.

The pump can be either plugged into the mains (it's got a really long lead which is fab), or used with batteries. It takes 6 x AA which I think is quite a lot, but then I suppose it's doing a lot of work!

The pump itself felt comfortable when on, however I did have a few problems with the silicone bit. It would come away from my breast leaking milk out from the bottom - a lot of wasted milk which made me pretty upset. It happened a number of times so I'm not sure if it's from the position or just a flaw with the product. The only other negative (which wasn't really a problem for me) is that it's not that quiet.

Overall I'm very happy with the product. It made breastfeeding a lot easier for me and allowed Jack to be involved with feeding Parker. I don't think I would have carried on as long as I did without it; and even when I stopped breastfeeding it meant Parker was still getting my milk - and I was getting the relief I needed when my breasts were so full of milk! I would definitely recommend this product and I think it's worth it's £99.95 price tag.

Disclaimer - I was sent this pump for the purpose of this review. All opinions are honest, my own and 100% true.


  1. I'm really hoping to breastfeed and this is one of the products I've looked at, while I don't know whether it'll work for us both I'm holding off buying it instead of the Perfect Prep Machine just in case! Lansinoh seems the best brand for breastfeeding products so I'll be going back to this post before I make the costly plunge :)

    Paula ♥ | xo

  2. This looks quite good, I didn't realise lansinoh made a breast pump, but I always liked their breast pads and cream. xx


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