Indiana's 21 Month Update


With Parker's arrival earlier this month I think this has been the quickest month so far! Indiana is 21 months today and seeming more like a little girl and not a toddler every single day. This month she became a big sister and finally looks big and grown up haha.

Indies taken to Parker amazingly and is totally besotted with him. She helps with nappy changes, when he's crying she tries to gives him his dummy, and the second he makes a noise she's right there with him. She can say Parker in her own way and gives him lots of cuddles and kisses. She has acted up slightly due to having less attention on her all the time, but overall she's just carried on as normal! We've kept her routine exactly the same, and she's continuing to go to nursery twice a week just like before.

Her sleep has been even better than before P was born which is surprising haha. She doesn't wake when he cries and has been sleeping in until 7 most days. I think this is due to the teething giving her a rest for the time being - although I'm sure I've jinxed this now haha.
Her new obsession this month is Minions! She's not one to sit still for very long but stick the little short episodes on the iPad (we only use this occasionally!), and she'll sit still for the whole 15 minutes. Her other favourite is colouring. She's always loved arts and crafts, but recently she's really got into drawing pictures, and making everyone around colour too!

Her speech improves with every passing day and were so proud. She's a little sponge now and will remember and repeat back words to you (only on her terms though haha). Nursery has mentioned she's quite quiet and she has a habit of going shy around other people too. The second she relaxes and comes out of her shell she doesn't stop though. Yesterday she came out with 'butterfly' which I thought was pretty impressive! Her favourite phrase at the moment is 'what's that noise?' - most of the time it's her haha. She is very good at pointing out things and saying what they are too.
We're thinking about potty training more now as she gets older (not just yet though). She can say wee wee and poo so that's one step closer... Although she does confuse poo with popping off bless her haha. She can say and understands what her nappy is too so we don't reckon it'll be long before we start.

She's been an absolute joy this past month, and I've loved being able to spend 3 weeks together as a family. She does still have her tantrums and strops but the cuddles and kisses, and her cheeky little face definitely makes up for it. She got her first hair cut this month and her feet finally grew (only just to a 4.5H haha). I wonder what's in store for the next month?!


  1. Oh look at her feeding her little brother! What an absolute beaut! So glad she's doing so well, sounds like her speech is coming on great guns, well done Indie!xx

  2. ah so grown up!! what a clever beautiful little girl. I'm thinking potty training will be happening here in about a month. Amelia tells me before she goes for a poo now but still not quite there with wee's! To be honest I'm dreading it lol!!! She's such a great big sister already xxx


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