Lilah at 3 Years Old


I haven't written an update on our little Lilah Bear since she was 2 years old, and since we celebrated her third birthday last month, I think it's about time I did! Of course Lilah's 3rd birthday was a much lower-key affair this year due to lockdown, but we still managed to celebrate her special day with a mermaid themed party at home as a family of 5. It was so lovely to see how excited she was for her big day, although she's still not happy she has to wait another whole year for it to be her birthday again!

Lilah has grown and changed so much over the last year. She's super tall now, with beautiful blonde curls and bright blue eyes. I always have comments on her age as people don't believe she's only 3 - it's strange for me too, as both Indie and Parker have always been so short for their ages. She has been wearing 3-4 clothing for a long time now and even some of those bits are on the shorter side. It's been SO lovely to see her in lots of Indie's old bits of clothing though, it brings back all the memories. She's potty trained during the day, and still naps most days too.

In September Lilah started preschool a couple of mornings a week. We originally had a shaky start with lots of tears and trouble separating, but after a few weeks she was running in and absolutely loving her mornings. I love seeing all her little creations and hearing about her day; it sounds like she has lots of little friends already.

Of course a big part of the last year was overshadowed by Covid and all of the restrictions that followed. Thankfully Lilah has only really seen the positives of this though. Having all of us together at home, being able to play with her siblings every day, lots of fun adventures close to home and making those special occasions extra special. Of course she has missed seeing family, but that's why I am so thankful she started preschool and was able to still play with friends and her teachers there.

Development wise Lilah has come on in leaps and bounds. She can count up to 20 and beyond (although just like Indie and Parker did, she struggles with 16), she loves to jump and dance and sing, and she's amazing on her scooter too. You could definitely describe Lilah as a girly girl - obsessed with pink, princesses, dressing up and jewellery... it's a struggle to even get trousers on her most days, it's dresses only!

Lilah loves PlayDoh, Frozen, dressing up, dancing, colouring, scooting, Youtube Kids (Diana Show), and playing small world / role play games. She's still very much obsessed with her dummy and muzzy too, something we really need to work on removing soon (the dummy that is). Lilah doesn't like being left out - if Indie and Parker are doing it then so can she, sharing and still isn't so keen on certain vegetables.

In a few weeks time Lilah will start going to preschool for longer hours and staying for lunch. She's so excited and I am too, but I'm also really sad about it at the same time. I feel like I've missed out on so much time just the two of us! But I know she's ready for this next step, she's definitely not our baby anymore.

Our Month - January 2021


I knew as soon as I typed the words 'things can't get much worse' last month that I was instantly going to be in trouble. Because things well and truly got worse in January didn't they? After a fews days of enjoying the new year, we got the news that we were going to be entering another lockdown, and lockdown 3 has definitely been the hardest of them all so far.

All non-essential shops closed, leisure closed, no meeting anyone, and schools and clubs were closed again too. Thankfully childcare for the early years remained open this time, so Lilah was able to continue going to preschool for her two sessions a week. I was so pleased about this, as it means she still gets to see her little friends and get some quality attention from her wonderful key workers there. But this does also mean that Jack has worked throughout this time (he was at home throughout the whole of lockdown 1), so it's just been me trying to tackle everything on my own during the week.

Our Monday - Fridays now mostly look like this...

Wake up, breakfast and get dressed. Spending all morning struggling to get both Indie and Parker to complete their tasks on Microsoft Teams. Both of them have live chats on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays in the mornings too, so we need to somehow squeeze those in. Lilah is of course home those days too, so there's also the juggle of trying to keep her entertained, but also as quiet and least distracting as possible so the big two can do their work. I'll be VERY honest here and say she's mostly using technology to achieve this, and you know what, I'm not even sorry about it! We usually finish the work by lunch time so then spend the afternoon relaxing with TV, tablets or the Switch. I do try and fit in a daily walk most days, but I actually find it really hard to find the time every day, and we're all a little bored of our local walks anyway.

Weekends in January have then been spent trying to enjoy as much family time as possible. Of course we've been enjoying some wintery (and extremely muddy) walks, lots of hot chocolates and cakes, and Jack has been baking at least once a week too. Jack and I have sort of fallen into a routine of a Friday or Saturday 'date night' where we get a takeaway, watch a film and just switch off for the evening too. It's definitely one of my favourite things at the moment, especially when most days can feel the same right now.

Of course January wasn't all doom and gloom though, as our wonderful little Lilah bear turned 3 on the 14th! We celebrated with all the presents, balloons and yummy treats. As Jack was working in the morning we decided to send Lilah to preschool to see her friends, and then once they were both home we went for a muddy puddle walk and ate alllll the cake. It was such a shame that she couldn't see any family, but I think she enjoyed her mermaid birthday all the same, and she's played with her presents daily since!

There are also positive signs of things improving over the next fews months. Schools aren't set to be back until at least the 8th March, but millions have had the vaccine now and case numbers are dropping. I started the month in a really bad place mentally, but now January is over and there is some hope ahead I'm feeling slightly lighter. I just hope February is over quickly!