Lilah at 2 Years Old


The last time I shared an update on Lilah she was 18 months old and just blossoming into a toddler. She's now a few months into her second year, and my goodness has she grown and developed so much since then. She's definitely a fully fledged toddler now - and boy do we know it!

We had her two-year review a few weeks ago where we managed to get updated weight and height measurements. She is roughly 12.7kg (around 27lbs) and 86.5cm tall, putting her on the 50th percentile for both. She's always been little miss average so it's good to know she'll still following that curve. She's still fitting into a few size 1 1/2 - 2 years clothing, but we've mostly switched over 2 - 3 years (although it is still a bit big at the moment), and wearing size 6f shoes. We've nearly finished teething forever as she now has nearly all of her teeth through.. hooray!

In regards to the review she's doing absolutely amazingly. Excelling in nearly every aspect, and developing exactly how she should. Lilah can count to 10 (and knows a few more too), jumps with both feet off the ground, climbs everywhere and everything, and still thinks she can do whatever the older two are doing. I love that she's so independent with her play but still enjoys the company of other little ones - although as with most 2 year olds we are struggling with sharing. Her speech is still surprising me daily too. She can have conversations now and is talking in full sentences a lot of the time. Toddlers really are amazing!

Her routine is still very similar to 6 months ago, except we have stopped her morning beaker of milk and her nap is usually a little shorter. We get out nearly every morning, whether it's to a playgroup, the park or for a hot chocolate and cake (she loves a trip to the coffee shop!), and then use our afternoons for relaxing and naps. She's still in her cot for now as she's sleeping so well, but I think we may start thinking about making the switch to a bed in the next few months. We're also planning on potty training very soon too as she's giving us all of the signs that she's ready.

Lilah loves to sing and dance, do puzzles, watch Peppa and Butterbean's Cafe, dress up, read books, playing babies, gingerbread men (at the coffee shop with mummy), playgroup, her big brother and sister, and her muzzie and dummy. She dislikes a lot of vegetables, going in the buggy when she wants to walk, brushing her teeth, sharing her toys, and getting told off (for copying her mischievous brother!).

I absolutely love this age as they really do grow and change every single day. Yes the tantrums may be strong and she's getting cheekier by the minute, but I really wish I could keep her this age forever. Stop growing so fast my little Lilah Bear!

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