Lilah at 18 Months Old


I haven't shared an update on Lilah since she was 12 months old, so I thought it was about time I did! Lilah turned 18 months old on the 14th July, and has honestly grown and changed so much in just those 6 months. She is well into toddlerhood now, and those baby days are far behind us!

I haven't had Lilah weighed for a long time now, but she is fitting nicely into 12-18 month clothing, and slowly transitioning over to 18-24 months bits and bobs. She has super long legs, the most gorgeous chub rolls on her arms, and super squishy cheeks. There's just something about the squishy-ness of a toddler that I just love (and wish they never lost). She's got size 5F feet and 17 teeth, meaning just 3 more molars to go until she's got her full set. Woohoo!

Her daily routine is pretty much the same as when she was 12 months, except we have now gone down to one long nap instead of two. She'll have her lunch and then snuggle up with her muzzy and dummy for roughly 2 hours - all dependent on whether I have to do the school run or not. She feeds herself really well now and absolutely loves her food, although she is starting to become a lot fussier with what she does and doesn't like, which can make meal times interesting. 

Lilah's cheeky personality is shining brighter than ever now, and we're always complimented on how happy and smiley she is. She is very independent and loves to join in with the big two as well, which was make me incredibly nervous! She climbs everything, loves to sit at the big table and will give everything a go (even if she's far too little to do it). I always say she's the perfect mixture of Indie and Parker; she's amazing at independent play and loves her toys, but she's also got a stubborn and mischievous side too. The terrible two tantrums have already started too, and my goodness does she mean it when she's in a mood!

Another big development we've noticed over the last few months is Lilah's speech. It's as if she woke up one day and something clicked, and now she's learning a new word each day. She can say: mummy, daddy, nanny, Indie, Parker, cat, doggy, duck, mine, no, yes, hi / hello , bye, ta, down, door, cuddle, eyes, nose, hair, socks, shoes, juice, one, two, hat, baby, book, milk, uh-oh, yuck, and cheese. It's incredible watching her learn and understand even more as each day passes. And even though she is our third baby, it still amazes me how incredible our children are.

She loves to play with her cuddly toys and baby dolls, reading books, playing with the cat, climbing, In the Night Garden and Bing, eating apples, water play, and being just like her big brother and sister. She doesn't like her pram so much at the moment, brushing her teeth, not getting her on way or being left out. 

I have loved watching Lilah grow and change over these last few months, and I really cannot wait to see what's next over the next few years. It does make me sad that she's now closer to being 2 than being a baby, but I'm also so excited to see what's to come. Roll on toddlerhood!

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