The Best Care for your Elderly Relatives


Growing old might be a privilege denied to many, but it doesn't make it easy. Whether you’re the one that’s advancing in age, or you’re caring for elderly parents or grandparents, there are certain things to be aware of with this season of life. Research shows that older adults are more likely to suffer with loneliness and the effects of advancing age on their health. But with the right support this can be a time of happiness, relaxation and enjoying your family! In this post I'm going to share 3 ways in which you can enjoy this period of life.

Finding the right place to live is important. If mobility issues mean stairs are no longer an option, then a bungalow or a complex where there are lifts would be the best bet. If there are further care needs that need to be considered, then moving into a residential home which is designed for elderly adults may be the best option though. It doesn't have to be a nursing home, there are many places that allow people to keep their independence while providing support. Alternatively if you’re caring for older family members, you may make the decision to move them in with you so you can look after them yourself instead.

For elderly people living on a state pension managing finances can be tough. Make sure you’re getting everything you’re entitled to, and learn to budget to manage the money you do have. If you’re caring for a loved one then you could help them by providing meals or taking on some of their care, rather than them having to pay more to an outside company to do this. It might be helpful for them if you take over the management of their finances too, so that they aren't stressing (or unknowingly over spending!). If home care needs to be budgeted for, then having a carer who is compliant with the correct home care invoice requirements can ensure that they provide you with timely and accurate invoices.

Quality Time and Socialising
Regular visits from you and the rest of your family are bound to be appreciated, which is especially important if one of your parents lives alone or are housebound. Spend time with them, show and interest and get the family involved. If your elderly loved one lives in a nursing home or part of a complex with other residents, then make sure to encourage them to go out and speak to others too. These kinds of friendships will give them a sense of belonging within their community, and staying social and interacting has been shown to be highly beneficial for elderly people.

If they live alone, search for 'senior activities near me’ and see what kinds of clubs and groups are available to them. You could also encourage them to be social by setting them up with an easy to use phone or even a Skype account, on a tablet or laptop and teaching them how to use it. This way they you or they can keep in touch at any time of day!

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