4 Home Improvements that Add Value to your Home


When you own your own home one of the goals that people often have is to add value to it where they can. Whether it’s to make sure it’s a solid investment, make you home more to your taste or to try and climb the property ladder, there are certain improvements that you can make that add value to your home. In this post I am going to share 4 of the ways you can make a difference in your home.

When you decorate each room you should make it a focus to treat your walls to a little love and attention. Having smooth walls that are in good condition make your home much more appealing, easier to decorate and it adds value. So each time you decorate a room take a little bit of time to smooth over any dents, treat any mould and give it a coat of paint first. If you want to put wallpaper up, it's also a good idea to have them completely skimmed, to make them smooth and feeling brand new. If you do it room by room, you will soon have all the walls in your home complete.

Windows and Doors
Having new windows and doors installed is a great and easy way to add value to your home. It will make your home look fresher and newer, as well as making your home more energy-efficient. There are plenty of options with door installation - you could even have a sliding door in place of an existing window to open up your home to the outdoors. Doing this can make your home feel bigger and extend your living space in the summer too, by allowing you to have the doors open up to an outside seating area.

Attic Space
Although this may be a little costly, the value you can add to your home definitely outweighs the cost. Most commonly an attic conversion is usually used to create a master bedroom with ensuite and wardrobe/storage space (which then leaves the existing bedrooms to be used for children). Adding a conversion to your home means that you are appealing to a wider range of buyers, and you are also creating a great space to use rather than it been wasted space. You could even use the extra room that you have freed up as an office space or playroom.

Kitchen and Bathroom
These rooms are very well-known for adding value to a house. A brand new kitchen or bathroom suite can be expensive to install. You can save a bit of money by buying second hand, or getting a family member or friend to install for you. Having modern utilities if you plan to stay in your home will make your life more comfortable, and you are also appealing to buyers if you want to sell in the future.

Have you done any projects that have added value to your house?

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