How to Design a Child Friendly Bathroom


If you’ve had children you’ll understand the overwhelming urge you have to protect them at all costs. Of course this doesn’t just mean teaching them the ways of the world and supervising them while they play outside. It means keeping them safe even while they are in the house too. In fact the home can be one of the most dangerous places if you don't make it child friendly! In this post I'm going to be sharing some top tips and advice, to help you design and create a child friendly bathroom on any budget.

If you don’t have blinds in the bathroom you can skip this step. Although it’s an important point to make (not only for blinds) but for any hanging wires or pieces of material in your bathroom. Make sure to use the correct clips to secure blind cords, check the length of the light pull so it's not at child height, and be careful with loose shower curtains too.

Child Locks
Make sure you add child locks to the toilet and cupboards before your children are old enough to get curious about them. It can be difficult to unblock toilet when your child has flushed something crazy down there, and adding a lock can help you to prevent this. It's a good idea to lock up medicines or expensive and dangerous products to prevent accidents too. You can also limit sharp corners in the bathroom by covering them up if you feel you need to.

Anti-Slip Mats
Slipping is a huge safety issue in the bathroom. Water mixed with soap can make polished surfaces slippery enough for adults, let alone children! Anti-slip bath and shower mats are a good way to prevent this. You can get child specific bath mats, but any design will do the job just as well. Just make sure to replace these often as they are a breeding ground for mould and germs if left in wet, damp conditions.

Bathroom Cupboard
Although you can add locks to cupboards, it may also be a good idea to keep specific items out of reach. Keeping razor blades, medication, and other things that can be dangerous to children out of the way is a must. 

Secure Furniture
By making sure your basin and other fixtures are as secure as possible, you’ll avoid accidents your child could have when putting their weight onto them. You never know what ideas your child might get when your back is turned, but if things are properly secured at least you reduce the chance that they will crash to the floor and hurt themselves (while also creating extremely expensive repairs for you). 

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