3 Easy Health Swaps to Make as a Family


Before having children I only had myself to think about. If I wanted to stay indoors all day eating junk food then I could. It would only impact how I felt (and looked). But now I have three young children I cannot just think of the impacts on myself. If I don't go out and exercise, then my children won't either. If I don't eat fruit and vegetables, then my children are more likely to do the same. It's easy to fall into the trap of an unhealthier lifestyle when you have children though - time is short. But there are some really easy changes we as parents can make, in order to have a happier and healthier lifestyle as a family.

Walk More
If you rely on your car to get you from A to B, it's one of those habits that is very difficult to break. With any change as far as health is concerned, it's about implementing the little things and gradually expanding further out. When it comes to something like walking instead of driving it's not realistic to do this over many miles. But think about the shortest journey you make and, at the very least, try to walk for a part of it. The fresh air can do absolute wonders for not only your mental health, but also your body, and you may very well breathe easier. If you are a smoker swapping from cigarettes to something like salt nicotine e-liquids can help but when you are looking at your ability to breathe, a little bit of cardio will make a big difference!

Swap to Whole Foods
If you eat a lot of white bread or white pasta, swapping it to the whole wheat equivalent will do so much for your digestive system. We live in an age where people have numerous food intolerances and if you are someone who does struggle, you will see a big difference. You can start to add other things into your diet that are more fibrous too. Not only does fibre make you feel fuller, but it's also good for your diet too.

Reduce your Sugar Intake
We all know that if we eat too much sugar we become addicted to it, which makes it hard to stop consuming it completely. One of the best ways to bridge the gap though, is to swap sugar filled products for natural versions instead. Something like honey or maple syrup can be a good starting point if you still need the sweet hit!

In order to look after our health, especially for the sake of our children, it's not necessarily about the massive swaps in life. If we can start to make these little alterations so much so that we don't notice we will be able to gradually make bigger changes over time. Good luck!

This is a collaborative post.

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