4 Things to Consider Before a Bathroom Makeover


If you have just bought your own home after years of renting, it can understandably feel like the most exciting time of your life. You may want to jump straight in and start on cosmetic changes and renovation projects. But actually it's not the best idea to start doing everything straight away. Instead, focus on the most important (and most used) area of your home such as the bathroom, and make sure to follow the below steps before jumping in head first.

Most importantly of all, before thinking of anything else you of course need to work out what sort of budget you have for the project. None of us have money that enables unlimited spending, so there's no point picking a bathroom suite that you could never afford! But having a budget means that you can stick within what is affordable for you. Make sure that you factor in the costs of materials, finishing features and also the labor for the fitting. Covering it all means there are hopefully no nasty surprises to contend with.

Decide on the Style
The first thing you want to do is to decide on the style of bathroom you want in your home. This can depend on the space you have available, but think about what's there now, and the changes you want to make. You may have space for a separate shower and bath, or you may want to make the room feel bigger by combining the two. It could be that you want to think about a change of layout. Things like colours and also the style, such as a modern or contemporary finishes should all be decided upon before you start any work.

Fixtures and Fittings
When it comes to the bathroom you may not think there are dramatic changes that you can make. But there are ways you can add style and substance to such a small and well-used area of your home. It could be searching for electric towel rails, picking suitable bathroom storage or even a fancy interactive bathroom mirror. Just make sure to keep with the budget (as stated in point one), and measure everything for size too.

The Finishing Touches
While the project is underway, take some time to think about how you want the overall look to be. Now is the time to start thinking about colour schemes, the accessories you want on display and ultimately how you want your bathroom to look. You are spending good money to have this project done, so you want to ensure that it turns out how you imagine it to be. Pinterest and Instagram are great sources of inspiration for things like this and can often give you some ideas that you may not have even thought of previously.

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