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The changing nature of jobs and improvements in technology has meant that remote working is exploding in popularity. And because of its success, it's now something that affects a higher number of families than ever before. In today’s economy, there’s a good chance that at least one parent, like me, works from home some of the time.

If you work from home then having a dedicated space is incredibly important. A space where you feel relaxed and ready to get on with the challenges of the day, that also feels separate from your day-to-day life in your home. In this post I'm going to share a few of the ways that you can transform your office, to help make it into somewhere you actually want to work.

Getting up from your comfy computer chair to rifle through your filing cabinet is a massive hassle. It interrupts your workflow and adds inefficiencies to your day. For this reason, many home workers place their storage right next to their desk. All they have to do is swivel around on their chairs, and all the files they need are at hand.

Bright lights can be a great addition to a room that you use for a few minutes at a time, but they can really begin to grate after a while - especially if you’re the type of person prone to regular migraines. Products like the LEpro LED panel light are a new solution. Instead of using a single bulb to emit light, these systems spread light out over a wide surface area, preventing any part of the lamp from being too bright. Add these panels close to your desk; providing enough visibility to get your work done, but not so much that it makes you wish you were somewhere else.

When you work from home, you can pretty much design your office environment however you like. You won't have any managers breathing down your neck keeping an eye on you after all! Adding comfortable spaces can therefore be a real bonus for people who work from home. If you don’t need to be at your desk for a few minutes, you can sit back and enjoy the plush seating and cushions. Blankets are also great if you room is particularly cold, and can really help you feel comfortable while at work. 

Greenery in your office can make a massive difference to the way you feel. And the more of it you have the better! The primary purpose of greenery is to help you to feel more relaxed. Having indoor shrubs in the background releases a series of uplifting hormones that lower your stress levels naturally. This therefore, in turn, makes you happier to be in your office in the first place. A lot of people place plants directly in their field of view, such as on or beside their desks. 

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