4 Ways to Brighten up Your Home


It may be finally spring, but we all know how unpredictable the weather can be in the country. And if you're spending lots of time indoors, then a dark and gloomy space will definitely not give that spring feeling either. Luckily there are things you can do to combat this though, and in this post I am going to share 4 ways in which you can do this!

New Light Fittings
If you want to brighten up your home without too much cosmetic work, then changing up your light fittings is a good option. Consider adding spot lights to help brighten up recesses (these can be useful in the kitchen for lighting up the space under cabinets). Another option could be track lighting which involves adding multiple lights to a single overhead fitting . High bay LED lighting as found at https://www.lepro.com/led-bay-light could meanwhile come in handy for lighting up high-ceilinged rooms. It could also be as simple as changing the bulbs in your existing fittings too - just popping in a bulb with a higher wattage can easily add more light to a room.

Add More Windows
This step of course requires a lot more work, but by adding extra windows you could help to introduce more natural light to your home. Windows could be built into walls or you could add skylights into ceilings - ideal for extensions and lofts. You could also install glass doors to provide an entrance and let in light. A frosted glass door can be great for brightening up a gloomy hallway, or bi-fold doors leading out onto outdoor space for example.

Remove Interior Walls
Removing interior walls and opting for a more open-plan layout could also brighten up your home. It could allow natural light to reach the inner rooms of your home, rather than relying on artificial lighting. Removing interior walls if of course a job left for the professionals, so like adding windows, is more of a larger job to consider.

Finishing Touches
Brighter colours (whites, creams, pastel colours) reflect more light, so are great for giving the impression of a bigger space. This can also be incorporated into fixtures and fittings around the home; consider opting for lighter tones of wood in the kitchen, and avoid dark coloured sofas and soft furnishings. You can also brighten up your home by making use of reflective surfaces such as mirrors - placed opposite a window these can create the illusion of a bigger space. You can also use reflective materials to help brighten up a room such as laminated wood or chrome steel. High gloss paints are also effective at reflecting light and could be an option for kitchen cabinets, doors and window sills.

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