Strawberry Picking at Downingbury Farm


Bright and early Saturday morning we packed up the car and headed to Downingbury Farm. Nestled in the Kentish countryside, Downingbury Farm is a fab place to grab fresh fruit and veg, and other fresh produce, and is also home to a pick your own. From strawberries and gooseberries to apples, plums and raspberries, there's plenty of choice throughout the year. We came for the strawberries, and Indiana couldn't wait to get picking!

The back field was a little tricky to navigate to with the pram, but it was well worth it! Despite seeing lots of people with full punnets of strawberries there was a still a large amount for us to pick ourselves. And after a quick explanation to Indie about what ones we needed, we were off.

Parker absolutely loved crawling and exploring in the fields. He had been teething awfully during the week, and hadn't eaten properly in about 3/4 days. Even he couldn't resist the strawberries though, and was picking them straight off the bushes and chomping away. Clearly all he needed was some super fresh yummy strawberries!

Of course Indiana didn't want to miss out, so we let her eat a couple too. We took along our Babymoov bowls so she could hold the ones she collected. They're the perfect size for snacks on the go, and the lids meant the ones she didn't want to eat straight away were safe (and away from Parker's little fingers too)! 

As you can see she was very proud of her pickings, and was proudly telling everyone about our visit. Pick your own is great for a day out, and I love showing the kids exactly where food comes from. The tasty fruit we picked was a huge bonus too! I'm excited to make some yummy smoothies with the ones we picked (if there's any left). The Babymoov Cooking App has some fab recipe ideas, so keep an eye out for a future post!

Have you been to a pick your own?

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  1. Ah what lovely photos! We're hoping to go strawberry picking this week but the weather isn't in our favour - I hope we get one sunny day before the crops are finished! xx

  2. Such cute photos!! We are hoping to go at the weekend, weather permitting!! xxx

  3. These photos are beautiful lovely! :)
    I'd love to take Lily strawberry picking, I'll have to find the nearest place + get it all organised. I know she'd be picking them straight off the plants to eat as well, haha xx

  4. Such gorgeous photos. I'm desperate to take the girls but our stupid British weather is not on our side at the mo. Fab tip about taking the bowls x


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