The Siblings Project | February 2016


The bond between these little loves of mine has really grown this month. Indiana tries to get Parker involved in absolutely everything, and he loves the attention. If she dances, she makes him join in too. If he cries, she tells him it's alright and tries to comfort it. It's so so lovely to watch their little bond grow.

Don't get me wrong, she still tells him off for touching her toys, or destroying her games. But then she is a two year old with slight big sharing issues haha. He doesn't seem to mind though, he just smiles and giggles because his big sister is 'playing' with him. Now Parker is 6 months old and sitting, I think the fun is really about to begin between these two!

The Me and Mine Project


  1. Ah they are so beautiful, I love how similar yet different they are. The fun definitely starts when the youngest gets on the move, Isla teaches Archie all the tricks already, like encouraging him up the stairs agh lol xx

  2. Aww, it's lovely to see their relationship develop isn't it? Toby is definitely finding Gabe more interesting now, although he doesn't seem quite as caring as Indiana - if Gabe is crying Toby just tells him to be quiet!

  3. Oh look at them together! It's lovely that she tries to get him involved with everything, and I feel your pain about the big toy sharing issues, Toby is a nightmare for it at the moment. Everything is his! It'll be so much fun when Parker is crawling! If they're anything like my two, Indiana will get even more possessive. It's hard work! #siblingsproject xx


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