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With Autumn weather soon arriving, I'm trying to think up more indoor activities. They need to be short, simple and fun for two toddlers - no pressure!

The second I saw these little gingerbread men while doing the weekly shop, an idea popped into my head. Biscuit decorating! Of course you can choose any biscuit, these were just a bit more fun for the kids. We then grabbed some icing and toppings, and hey presto, an easy afternoon activity.

I sat both children at Indiana's table (covered with a messy mat of course!), and let them loose. Indie at almost 3 understood how to work the icing, and took great care with her decorating. She loved making a pretty design and adding buttons. She even made one for Jack for when he got home.

It was a little lost on Parker at 13 months. He sat for a good 30/45 minutes playing and eating though, which is very rare for him! He very much enjoyed eating all the chocolate buttons too.

Although this wasn't the healthiest of activities, as a once in a while treat I definitely think it's fun. The children got to get messy, show their artist skills and I loved joining in too!

Next time I will definitely get the ingredients to make our own biscuits. Although I'm not too sure I'd let Parker get involved with that kind of activity just yet!

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