A Mummy to Two, One Year On...


I still have days where I cannot believe I'm a mum of two. Let alone a mum of an almost 3 year old and a 13 month old. I remember writing this post when Parker was a month old, just a few weeks into life with two under two. It's been a whirlwind of a year since then, and I've definitely grow a lot as a mama, and as a person. And bloody hell I've learnt a hell of a lot too!

Having two is wonderful. Parker gave his first smiles to Indie, she's always got his back, and they always have someone to play with. Of course it's not all sunshine and roses. There are days where I want to pull my hair out and run far far away. These are usually the days where Jack's been at work all day, and Parker is teething though (and chocolate does usually help).

So what have I learnt from being a mummy of two?

There will be jealousy...
Luckily Indiana didn't really show that much interest the first few months. Where she was on 20 months old it just became her new normal, and she embraced the change. The bigger Parker got though the more we started to notice it.

What I was not expecting though, was to get the jealousy from Parker. He is most definitely a mummy's boy, and there have been plenty of days where all he wants is me. If I'm giving Indie attention, he will actually come over and scream and moan until I put her down!

You can't do everything...
The first few weeks I definitely tried to be supermum. But I soon realised something had to give. Keeping the house tidy wasn't top of my priority. As long as the kids were happy / fed / clean then it was a good day.

Of course the older Parker got the easier it became (double nap time is still my saviour), but there's definitely still days where my house is an absolute mess!

Babies are all so different...
Indiana was your text book baby. She slept through at 5 weeks old, was never really clingy or whingy (she's making up for it now, I promise), and all in all, was pretty easy. Then Parker came along. And it was hard.

It felt as if we were learning everything all over again; he was just so different. We've co-slept with him, cuddled him to sleep and have thrown out the routine plenty of times. Everything we said we wouldn't do with our first. You have to find what works for them.

Your love will split equally...
I remember being Pregnant with Parker, and wondering just how I was going to spread my love. Honestly though, it just comes naturally (or it did for me anyway). From the second he was born I felt the same rush of love. My love is split equally between them both. And if we did have another, I know it will just do the same again.

Basically, what I'm trying to say, is that it will be wonderful, stressful, amazing, sometimes even terrifying...

But whatever it is, just seeing your two beautiful babies together, will be the best feeling in the entire world.


  1. I love this post Em. Having two is bloody hard but you're right it is so worth it to see their relationship grow. I have two younger brothers and whilst we fought like cat and dog growing up both of them are like my best friends now, I tell them everything!

    Ps I adore those jeans you're wearing!! xx

  2. I found the first few months with two - and the same age gap as you - so very hard. It was a blur of both children just needing me all the time and not a break in it at all. But by this point we had got into our groove and things were just rolling along nicely. By this point I loved being a mum of two and the good days outweighed the hard ones. Such a lovely post x

  3. Ahhh this is such a lovely post Emily. You are such a wonderful Mama to your two littles. XXX

  4. Anonymous11/9/16

    I totally get what you are saying, I wonder how mine are now 12, 9 and 6? I still feel like Adam is my baby, but he goes to school and is 6 years old and it has gone by so fast. Sibling bonds are the best though, right now my 3 are playing happily together and I love hearing them giggling and making up games. Sure there is the odd argument which is mainly between number 1 and number 3 as they are so much alike, my middle child April is so different. But most of the time they totally adore each other and it is the best feeling. #sundaybest

  5. Lovely post and agree so much it's hard but give yourself a break. They are adorable and sounds like you have it all figured and if not you will do 😀 #sundaybest

  6. Such a lovely post and I love the photos. Your doing amazing and your raising two incredible little ones. It's funny how you just adapt and change and how hard it must have been going from an "easy baby" to a slightly harder one. They are going to grow up to be the best of friends xx

  7. Aw this is lovely. I'm excited and so scared to be a Mum of 2! You just have no clue how the first will react and I bet my two will be so different - I guess you can't compare!! Gorgeous pics hun and it does sound like you do a fab job xx #sundaybest

  8. I often pinch myself because I can't believe I am a mum of two, and mine are nearly 4 and nearly 2! Thanks for linking up to #SundayBest x

  9. A beautiful post lovely. I can't believe that I have two children now. It still shocks me. I feel that the amount of love I have has expanded. To embrace both my children. But even though Little Mister H is only two months old, I already see how different my children are. And I love that. Hugs Lucy xxxx #SundayBest


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