Easy Toddler Activities | Pizza Decorating


I'm absolutely loving writing this little toddler activity series. I always seem to find myself googling ideas and looking for inspiration, so I hope they've been useful for others. I know they're nothing fancy, but sometimes it's the most simple ideas you don't think about.

 Today's activity is pizza decorating!

You might notice we've used pre-made bases. I'll be honest and say our idea of making them went out the window! They are pretty simple, but we just didn't have time. Next time we'll definitely be doing them ourselves though (and not leaving it until 5pm to start the activity).

We simply popped some toppings into individual bowls and let the children get creative. We went with things we know they like - cheese, ham, sweetcorn, etc. You can of course pick anything you know your children like, and maybe even something more unusual to see if they pick it up and pop it on!

The kids had a blast, and I was actually quite surprised how little mess they made. That was until Parker picked his up and tried to eat it uncooked! Of course I was sat by them the whole time (Parker needs constant supervision around food haha), so managed to rescue the pizza in time.

The finished result was a little bit of a mess (these two LOVE cheese). But with a bit of a helping hand they turned out pretty good. And as you can tell, they definitely passed the taste test too!


  1. Fab idea, Amelia never used to like pizza but actually does now so this might be something we try out. Love that Parker is at the age to start joining in now. Such cuties!! x

  2. This is such a good idea! We have a couple of the cheap mini Aldi pizzas like that so I might have to let the kids have a go at decorating them! Haha Archie would do the same as Parker! xx


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