Fun Ways to Keep Your Kids Active


Thinking back to my childhood, I can't remember a weekend or school holiday where we weren't outdoors. We didn't have internet or a huge TV with 100s of channels. So if we wanted to entertain ourselves we had to get outside!

My two are growing up in such a different world though. With the creation of iPads and videos games, childhood obesity is on the rise. Research published by school play equipment experts ESP Play have found that over 1,000 children are being referred to hospital a a result of obesity, and 1 in 3 children between the ages of 2 and 10 are already overweight.

These figures are truly shocking, and I am determined to make sure my children don't become part of them. So here are some ideas to keep your children active:

Go for a Walk

Whether that's going into town, the local park or even just popping to the shops. Making sure I get out at least once at day not only lets the kids run off some steam, but keeps them active. I usually let Indiana bring her Toddlebike or scooter to keep her busy, and we always play spotting games along the way!

Visit a Local Park

Why pay to visit an attraction, when there are so many free parks on your doorstep? Of course the equipment can provide enough fun for hours. But why not create an obstacle course for them to follow, or take a ball and play. We always alternate between three different parks to keep things exciting - although our favourite is definitely the one with the trampoline!

Have a Dance Party

Whether it's wet outside or we're exhausted from busy days out, a dance party is always a winner in this house! Simply pop on some music (not surprisingly Disney music always wins), turn it up loud and boogey away. Everyone can join in, no matter how old or how young and it really does get your blood pumping.

Keep them Active at School

Children need regular outdoor play, and school is a perfect time for them to enjoy it. Unfortunately not all school children are getting this though; with research made my ESP finding that nearly 68% of a child's PE lesson is spent stationary!

This led to them re-definining their unique solutions and supporting tools, to ensure this was improved. Now with their equipment and teaching in place these levels have increased by a notable 19% already!

My two aren't school age yet, but it really won't be long. And I hope when the day does come, that they get to experience active lessons and play time, just like I did as a child!

Join the National Trust

The National Trust has thousands of properties all over the country. From stately homes to beautiful gardens, there's unlimited year round fun. We joined late last year, and at just £5 a month for the whole family (£2.50 each as we're under 25), it's a complete bargain too! Whenever we're stuck for something to do we always end up visiting a local property, and just letting the kids run off some steam.

I know that I myself have got to keep active, to ensure my children are too. Luckily being a mum to two toddlers, I don't get much time to sit and relax - but with these fun activities to keep me busy too, we can all keep as active as possible!

How do you keep your children active?

This is a collaborative post with ESP Play


  1. Fab post, loads of great ideas. We love our dance parties! Joining the national trust is one of the best things I've ever done will be renewing for a long time as we love our NT days out! Xx

  2. You've got some great tips.. My little one is only 4 months but we love a dance party!!

  3. I don't have a choice with Theo, if I stay at home we all suffer, he just climbs the walls! I'm very lucky that he loves being out and about and that I live in such a beautiful part of the country.. great post my love, and awesome tips! xx


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