Parker, You are One...


To my beautiful baby boy, 

Happy Birthday!

Today you turn one. A whole year since you came into our lives, after the most perfect labour (I'll let you off the horrendous pain and second degree tear, you were worth it). You didn't sleep for 8 months, you cried a lot and you went through milk like it was going out of fashion. But those moments were nothing compared to all the wonderful days we've had with you. 

You love snuggles, and whether you are upset / poorly / just fancy a cuddle, you're happiest in my arms. Just like your big sister, you LOVE food. You're still on 3 bottles a day as well as meals and snacks, and even if you've just been fed you'll want whatever food daddy or I have.

You're dark mop of hair has turned to the most gorgeous golden colour, and those huge black eyes are now a beautiful shade of blue. Everyday you look more and more like your daddy, much to my disappointment, but it seems right as you're like him in most other ways too.

You reached your milestones just as quickly as your sister, so you weren't really a little baby for long. We couldn't be prouder though - even when you're climbing and giving me a heart attack! Watching you walk along, giggling with pride and chasing your sister makes me so so happy.

I cannot wait to see what you will achieve this next year, and have the most wonderful birthday (even if your big sister opens all your presents for you).

I love you my little monster, 

Mama xxx 

52 Weeks & 1 Day. The last day as a 0 year old..


  1. That year went quick! Beautiful photos and memories there. Happy Birthday Parker. Sarah #MyWildOnes

  2. Happy birthday gorgeous boy. Have a fabulous day. Emily, this post bought a tear to my eye! Beautifully written xx

  3. Soooo many gorgeous photos! This year has flown by! xxx

  4. Anonymous4/8/16

    Aww Happy Birthday to Parker! Thank sfor sharing those photos! 1 year of cuteness! #mywildones

  5. Aww he's so gorgeous :) and what a lovely post! Happy Birthday Parker :)

    Thanks for linking up to #MyWildOnes xxx

  6. What a little cutie! We're just about to start our journey (33 weeks + 3 days... not long to go now)... I just wondered where you got those beautiful milestone cards from?

    1. Aww congratulations! It's a wonderful journey :) I just googled baby milestone cards, but I'm pretty sure they sell them in jo jo mama Bebe, boots, etc :) xx


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