Parker's 12 Month Update


I honestly cannot believe I'm writing Parker's 12 month update. What a whirlwind of a year! I don't know what it is though, since he started walking last month he's just grown up ridiculously quickly. He's a proper little boy now, full of personality and mischief. I've taken to calling him my little monster, because he's into everything and has no fear. He's still my snuggly little mummy's boy though, which I absolutely love!

I had his 1 year check a few weeks before his birthday, which went really well. He was 21 lbs 5oz and 74cm tall (50th centile for both), and is doing everything he should be. His physical side is advanced according to their chart, but I think that's just because he's walking already.

Talking of walking, this boy is non-stop! He took 3 steps the day he turned 11 months, and since that day he hasn't stopped. He was walking across the room after 5 days, and learnt to stand himself up within the week. This has made pushchair journeys a nightmare as he doesn't want to be strapped in. I love it though, there's nothing cuter than those first wobbly steps.

Routine-wise not much has changed. He's taken to waking around 5.30ish for his bottle, but luckily most of the time he goes back to sleep until 7am. Naps are still around 9am and 1pm, but we've *fingers crossed* dropped his afternoon bottle, so are now down to 2 a day. These are now cows milk, which he seemed to take to really well.

Parker loves to give big slobbery kisses (those huge open mouth ones), and will even pull on your clothing to get closer to you. He loves the camera and will do anything to get into the screen if you're on selfie mode or FaceTime. He LOVES animals and goes crazy when he see's them - he even makes a 'woof' sound which is too cute. He is a massive snuggler too and has full attached himself to muslins - he's now got a duvet and pillow which he has loved getting cosy in.

The only time Parker seems to be sad and upset these days is when he's teething. He's an awful teether, and seems to suffer for a good fews days when they're coming through. He was off food and poorly for almost a week this month with teeth. In the end 3 popped through, bringing his grand total to 5!

I cannot wait for the next year, as I know through having Indiana just how much fun this age is. There's so many more milestones to come, and so many experiences to enjoy. So it's goodbye baby and hello toddler from now on!

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