28 Week Pregnancy Update | Baby #2


So we've made it to 28 weeks and the third and final trimester... this pregnancy is going too fast! Baby boy is the size of an eggplant this week and weighs more than 1kg, at up to 38cm long! I'm seeing my midwife on Wednesday when she'll measure my bump for the first time - I'm curious to see whether this boy really is big or whether he's slowed down with his growth!

This week I've really started to notice my bump more, and how it makes simple tasks much more difficult! Shaving is now a HUGE task and something as simple as getting up off the floor is a challenge if there's nothing to hold onto haha. I keep forgetting it's there and trying to bend over to pick things up normally; you'd think I'd learn by now it's not going to happen!

I can really feel him up in my ribs constantly and it's becoming more painful. Indiana was exactly the same so at least it's something I'm sort of used to haha. It's making me out of breath a lot more often and I'm having to remember to stand/sit up straight to help with that. He's been doing really big movements too and kicking me in the ribs as well. As much as I love feeling him it is bloody uncomfortable now!

The only negative this week is these pesky headaches. I had one constantly from Tuesday to Friday. I've been trying to keep my fluid intake up and resting as much as possible, but I've kind of got used to them now. I'll be sure to mention it to my midwife though as I know they can be a worrying sign!

We're really on the final countdown now and I'm getting SO excited - also only 4 weeks left at work too, woohoo! I'll be back next week and let you know how my midwife appointment goes.


  1. Our pregnancies seem to be going so fast! I'm with you on the painful kicks too - I don't remember it being so sore with Toby!

  2. That is a lovely bump :-) it flies by doesn't it, hope you are continue to feel ok and the headaches improve.

    Helen - #maternitymondays

  3. You are blooming! Sorry to hear you are still getting the headaches, hope they clear off this week for you. I have a baby in my ribs too - it's painful isn't it! xx

  4. You look amazing...getting broodier every week as I see these! 4 weeks at work! Woop! Definitely keep an eye on the headaches and hope they go soon as so annoying. Looking forward to next week. The home straight now xxx #maternitymondays

  5. You poor thing about the headaches blame hormones. I'm getting them really bad still 3 months on :( hopefully you won't as you're getting them now. Eeeeeek for maternity leave


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