Indiana's 4 Month Update


14 weeks old
I know I say this every day but I cannot believe how big my baby girl is getting.. 4 months old is just crazy! It seems like yesterday I was screaming in pain haha. This has been a pretty tough month with teething, sleep regression and a HUGE leap which we're still in!

I got her weighed at last week when she was 16+1 weeks and she weighed a healthy 13lb 2oz (Jack guessed this exactly the day before, so scary!)

Her routine is becoming much more set now. She wakes up roughly around 7.30 every morning. She has bottles at 8, 12, 4, 7 and then a dreamfeed between 10 and 10.30 everyday. I'm so glad she's settled into a better routine as it means I can prepare bottles and know when she's hungry! Her naps are still irregular but she does have a morning, lunch time, and afternoon nap. But like last month we just play and cuddle inbetween until she gets screechy for her nap!

Our routine is still the same. If it's not broke don't fix it I say haha! What is broken however is her sleep pattern :(! She was sleeping through the night but we are currently suffering the dreaded 4 month sleep regression.. she goes down fine but can be up so many times in the night. Her teeth don't help, so we're suffering with bad sleep deprivation atm.

Her feeding has become a bit more irregular. She now eats at set times but what she takes varies from one day to the next. She's still on Cow&Gate Comfort (we switched to Reflux formula but that made her constipated), but with size 3 teats instead. We still make 8oz bottles but she takes anything between 5 and 8 ozs.

She's now in all 3-6 month clothing, I switched over her wardrobe last week :(. She's in size 3 nappies as well now as little miss has a big bum haha. 

  • She is SO close to rolling front to back. She twists onto her side and then just gets frustrated when she can't get over haha.
  • She is a pro at grabbing and holding things now. She even reaches out for the toys on her bouncer.
  • As well as grabbing things she can now shake a rattle!
  • I don't know if it's a milestone but she's learning way more sounds. Her favourite now is screeching.. she does it constantly but seems so happy about it haha!
  • She's learnt how to work her Jumperoo properly now. She jumps up and down an can even start the music herself now.
  • She's back to being a pro at tummy time, she could probably sit there for hours bless her.

That's all I can think of for her 4 month update. Now she's 17 weeks she can start her weaning journey. We're not sure when we're going to start, but it's exciting to know she can have big girl food not just milk!

Enjoying a spring day

15 weeks old

I love her big blues

16 Weeks old
My little Minnie Mouse
What did your little one do at 4 months?

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