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I remember being around 7/8 when I received my very own Baby Annabell. She came wearing a little sleepsuit, had a bunny rattle and one of those 'magic' bottles. That Christmas everything on my list was Baby Annabell related, and I was lucky enough to receive the changing bag, cot and plenty of little outfits! And now almost 18 years later, my original doll is still at my parents where my own children enjoy playing with her.

So when I was asked if Indiana wanted to review the newest Baby Annabell doll this Christmas, how could I say no? The new Baby Annabell 43cm doll has the easiest play pattern then ever before, and is set to be the most realistic baby doll on the market. It is a soft bodied doll but with plenty of special features - Baby Annabell can cry real tears, realistically suck her dummy and her bottle (she actually drinks the water too), and will react to how your child plays with her.

Indiana spent the whole weekend with Baby Annabell by her side and absolutely loved trying out all of her functions. The bottle was quickly filled with water so that she could 'feed' Baby Annabell. When you put the bottle into Baby Annabell's mouth it starts moving as if she is really drinking it, and she also makes sounds as if she's sucking the bottle and swallowing the drink. If you pop the doll over your shoulder and pat her back after feeding her she'll let out a little burp too. So sweet!

You have to squeeze the bottle in order for the water to come out properly, which is how the doll cries. If you remove the bottle before she's done Baby Annabell will cry and actual tears will fall too. I think this really helped Indie with her role-playing as she wanted to comfort the doll even more! She must remember us rocking Lilah as a baby, as she instantly starting doing this as soon as Baby Annabell starting crying. If you rock her from side to side she will close her eyes and fall asleep - complete with sleeping noises.

Another accessory that comes with the Baby Annabell 43cm doll is her dummy, which when you pop in her mouth, will move with realistic mouth movements and noises. A fab feature that just makes the doll feel even more realistic to play with. A couple of other features that makes Baby Annabell feel realistic are that she giggles and laughs when you tickle her or bounce her up and down, and all of the cooing and gurgling noises she makes during play.

As I mentioned at the start, there really are SO many accessories and extras you can purchase alongside the Baby Annabell doll to enhance play and fun. Indie particularly liked the changing bag we received, as it came with all the changing accessories including a nappy (you don't get a nappy with the doll), so she could pretend to be me and change her baby's nappy too. She loves dressing her up in he different clothes too; then taking her for little walks and adventures around the house - Baby Annabell even came with us for hot chocolates and cake on Sunday!

From the moment I took Baby Annabell out of the box Indiana wanted to cuddle and care for her. She is 6 so playing games such as 'mummies and babies' with her school friends is becoming a regular occurrence. The new 43cm doll is therefore the perfect way to nurture that child and 'baby' relationship and encourage a real sense of responsibility too, but of course all still while having fun through play!

Baby Annabell retails are around £59.99 and is available at all good retailers including Smyths, The Entertainer, Argos, and Amazon. The doll is aimed at ages 3+, however there are a number of other dolls in the range (including the My First range) which are suitable for younger children.

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