The Siblings Project | March 2016


I think Parker has really grown since February's post. He's developed such a cheeky character now, and becomes less of a baby every day! He's on the move now which has been great fun for him - not so much for Indiana though.

She's now taken to taking away any toy Parker is trying to play with, or sitting on him when he's trying to play. She's become a little rougher with him this month too, and I have witnessed her pushing him over a lot too. I'm not sure if the jealousy is starting to show - is it because we're praising Parker for all his new tricks and she's feeling left out? Or whether she just thinks she's 'playing' with him.

Whatever the case we're hoping it's just a little faze, and she'll go back to being the sweet loving big sister! Parker hasn't lost his fascination with his sister luckily though. He looks up to her with awe and always wants to know (and get involved with) what she's doing... it's so sweet!

Their favourite game this month is for Indiana to get into Parker's cot with him. They roll around giggling together - Parker covering Indie in slobbery 'kisses' and Indie squealing with delight. It's so lovely to watch, and makes me so proud to be their mummy. Indie loves helping Parker with his food though too, which although isn't the most helpful (he feeds himself haha), really shows how kind she is.


  1. Gorgeous! It sounds like your two are getting on a little better than mine, but similar with the sharing!! It must be nice having a smaller age gap between them... It's making me consider a smaller age gap with the third! xx

  2. Very cute pics. Love her batgirl tee my little boy is loving all things batman so it would be cute to get his sister one. Where's it from?

  3. Oh they are just the cutest! We got to that stage around when Archie was 7 months too, Isla has become protective of her toys now Arch can play with them and mess them up. When he gets a bit older I hope it will even out again xx

  4. Aww they're just so cute together! And the batgirl t-shirt is just so cute - my littlest girl is very keen on being batgirl despite never having ever seen any of the cartoons or comic books - it's a mystery where she got it from!

  5. Agh that picture of them looking at each other is just tooooooo cute I love it!! It's funny how our kids both love playing in the baby cot haha! X


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