Parker's 10 Month Update


Wow, what a month for our baby boy! He seems to have grown and learnt so much this month, and his personality is absolutely shining through. He is cheeky and mischievous and such a joy to be around.

I have no idea how much he weighs, but going by how hard it is to carry him these days, I'm going to say it's quite a bit. He's still in a combination of 6-9 and 9-12 month clothing and size 5 nappies. He's got the most squishable leg rolls, that looked so cute in shorts on our recent holiday!

We've finally managed to drop P's dream feed this month which has made life so much easier. It actually happened accidentally, and he didn't even make a fuss for it once - maybe we should have tried earlier haha. The rest of his routine is still the same, although dropping the dream feed has meant he's taking his other 3 bottles much better during the day. He has two naps a day at around 9am and 1/2pm and will now sleep 7-7 which we are very thankful for. He eats A LOT too, just like his sister did haha.

One thing that does have a major affect on his sleep though, is teething. He now has 2 teeth which look absolutely adorable! His second one popped through on holiday, which resulted in him co-sleeping with us most nights. This has happened most nights when teething is in full swing. Luckily he goes back in his cot after so I just enjoy the sleepy snuggles when they happen.

Parker is completely on the move now - he's climbing, cruising, properly crawling and can go from laying down to sitting up by himself. He can walk along with his push along walker; although it's more of a run these days! He's still wobbly on his feet but can stand for a a few seconds unaided. I wish he would just sit still for a minute as he's into everything now - something that just causes arguments with Indie as she wants to play on her own haha.

We enjoyed our first holiday abroad as a family this month, which P thoroughly enjoyed! He was amazing on the plane, and even learnt to say Mama while we were out there. He's loving playing with toys more now although his favourite thing to do is to play with his big sister.

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