Ightham Mote in Summer | Days Out With The National Trust


Last Sunday the sun finally decided to make an appearance down here in Kent. We didn't waste any time, and decided to pack our bags and head out to another National Trust property. I love that our memberships give us this freedom, as it means we have somewhere to go without much planning - and it's so affordable too!

We decided to head back to Ightham Mote, as our last visit back in January was such a wash out. We didn't take food this time, but looking back I really wish we took a picnic. The weather was just so beautiful - and the fact you can borrow deck chairs would have made it much more luxurious too!

As it was so wet last time, we really didn't see much. I was surprised that there was actually so much to do, despite it being a rather small property. First stop for us was the natural play area for Indie to explore. This is made out of all natural products, and many from the property too!

It is aimed more at older children, so unfortunately Parker couldn't enjoy it much - but I think adding anything man made would spoil it. Indie loved jumping, climbing, exploring and even got muddy (much to her disgust haha).

I think this is so much more fun for children, as they are free to use their imagination. There was no waiting for a swing or climbing up the slide. Indie just got stuck in, and when we finally encouraged her out, she left with a stick magic wand to carry on the fun.

There were also other bits for kids to enjoy, such as trails and quizzes. I'm sure Indie would love to join in these kind of things in a few years, as she's definitely still too young to understand them now.

We wandered over to the lawn in front of the house after a good play - not before we'd gone over every bridge, picked daisies and watched the water in the streams. There are a number of large areas of grass to sit and relax (although most do have open areas of water nearby).

As Parker has recently learnt to properly crawl he was in his absolute element. It was lovely to let him crawl around (under our watchful eyes of course), and let him be free, as he's usually stuck in his pram on days out. He loved following after Jack and Indiana on their little adventures. Although he did take a particular liking to eating the grass haha.

We could have sat there for hours, and many families had come prepared with frisbees, footballs and even bubbles - something we'll try to remember next time! We topped it off by enjoying tubs of ice cream, bought from the little gift shop.

Once again we never made it into the house itself, as we simply ran out of time. The courtyard was beautiful though, and we managed to capture this month's Siblings Project photos (make sure to look out for them, Parker's pulling some amazing faces haha).

There was even live music and dancing in front of the house as we walked passed. They did try to get us involved but it really wasn't for us haha. It looked like fun though, so I'd keep an eye out if you do visit!

We had such a lovely family day out - and although we had fun when we visited in the rain, Ightham Mote in the summer is just something else! I just hope the sun sticks around so we can have our picnic on the lawn one day this summer.


  1. We visited there last year and loved it. Such amazing grounds and if you do go back the house is lovely to explore. Can't believe how much your little ones are growing up!! Xx

  2. Wow it looks even more lovely in the summer time! Sounds like a great place to go - especially for a picnic. We are thinking of joining the national trust next year and hopefully by then Archie can enjoy the places too :) xx

  3. I've been thinking about going there soon as my daughter went last year on a school trip and she really enjoyed it. I have a couple of National Trust places that we are hoping to visit soon and this is on my list. Sarah #MyWildOnes

  4. I do love a natural playground, it looks like a wonderful day and some gorgeous photos too.

  5. What a beautiful place to explore together! I love that photo of both of them on the bench :) So cute!

    Thanks for linking up to #MyWildOnes xx


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