Parker's 21 Month Update


I'm honestly struggling to get my head around the fact our beautiful baby boy is now 21 months old. Just 3 more months until we're celebrating his second birthday! It's mad. And I don't like it. Can't he stay little forever? Well, still little, but maybe not so defiant and mischievous. 

I've seen a huge change in Parker this month. He's always been so daring and unafraid of doing anything. But suddenly he's becoming a lot more cautious. Not really in regards to physical things - if anything he's climbing / jumping / etc even more...

But when it comes to other people (and even family members can fall into this), he almost seems afraid. He ran off to hide himself completely when someone spoke to him in Mothercare today, despite me being right next to him. And will burry his head into my legs if someone speaks to him on the preschool run.

In general though he's turning into such a little character! Constantly chatting away, and always listening to / watching what's going on. He will try to copy words if you ask him too, and is always coming out with things I never knew he understood. His sentences are improving too - although I'd be happy if he just stuck with 'I love you mummy' which he loves to shout at me constantly.

Parker really does understand much more than you'd think. He knows when daddy picks up his bag to leave, he's off to work. He knows when we're dropping Indie off at school. And can associate different places with different things - for example when we walk through town, he knows which toy is the toy shop and drags us in there, and he knows the route to our house (but usually runs past giggling anyway!).

He loves to sing and whenever he hears music it's like his little body can't control itself, and he has to start dancing. Having a big sister has definitely been a huge influence on him too, as he loves to dress up in her fairy costumes, have his nails painted, and basically be just like Indie!

This month Parker has loved running wild and free and exploring on holiday, trains / buses / anything that moves basically, watching our neighbours cat out the window, Peppa Pig, stealing apples out of the fruit bowl and eating the entire thing, his new digger pjs (I thought he was going to cry when I got him dressed this morning!), and daddy feeding him.

This month Parker has hated teeth brushing, being told off (especially by daddy), dressed up characters at Butlin's - he was physically shaking when he saw Bonny Bear, Indie being back at preschool, and wearing socks.. for some reason he always takes them off when we're at home!


  1. My daughter is struggling with teeth brushing at the minute. Normally she loves it! Strange little ones! Lol

  2. Some lovely photos Hun! Love the bluebells! The time really does fly :( blink and you miss it!

  3. My eldest was always really shy, in fact she would burst into tears at the sight of people who spoke to her who she didn't recognise, Little will hide behind my legs, but no real fear yet. So exciting to see what Little will be up to in 6 months, I'm really looking forward to the "I love you"s

  4. Oh how sweet that he can't help but to dance to music. I remember S went through a stage of becoming shy and she still does it now but mainly when she's tired! L also hates wearing socks - prefers to have the feet free :) lovely photos! He looks like such a character ox

  5. My girl is 16 months only just so it's great to read what's coming up! Kids are all individual and full of character, no day is the same and they can change at a click of a finger!

  6. I always take my socks off at home too haha ;-) It is amazing how much they understand at that age isn't it :-)

  7. My daughter also became quote cautious at the point of family members, but maybe it was just not too seeing them very often, out of sight out of mind! But now she is just 10 days off from being 3, that shyness has gone and now I am dealing with Miss Sassy Pants.

  8. Anonymous25/5/17

    Oh he is just so damn cute! Lovely photos and update, such a cute personality! Xx


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