Mamas & Papas Kato Buggy | Review


All the way back in June we went on our first family holiday to Majorca. We knew one of the first things we needed to purchase was a smaller buggy for whilst we were there. We decided on the Mamas & Papas Kato buggy in grey/pink. It was on offer for £50 down from £100 so we knew it was going to be good quality, and the price was reasonable too!

My initial thoughts of the buggy was that it was quite big and bulky. When folded it is longer than most buggies and only just fit in the boot of Jack's Seat Ibiza. However, after using it for our holiday I really love it!

It's SO easy to push and had no trouble with uneven surfaces, it even survived being pushed along the beach. The wheels can be either locked or allowed to swivel (which is what we prefer), and the handles are foam covered so are comfortable to hold whilst pushing. The basket is a reasonable size and fits in a lot more than you think too.

You can easily pop the hood up or down to offer shade. Then the foot rest can be lifted up or down depending on the size of the child it is being used for. The website claims the buggy can be used from birth as it lays pretty flat by just pulling the tab at the back (then pulling it u again to sit it back up). Although I would never used a buggy for a newborn I think it's great that the option is there.

It came with a raincover which is a bonus. It just poppers onto the hood to protect the child when it's wet. A negative of this though it that it doesn't cover the whole buggy, so the hood itself would actually get wet, which I think it a bit silly really! The five point harness although easy to use could also do with some improvement. As the straps are joint together they become twisted and mixed up quite easily.

Overall we love the buggy and will be using it for definite when we need it. Indie seemed to love facing outwards and watching what was going on, and had no trouble falling asleep in it either (with help from the SnoozeShade of course)! For the price I think it's just what we needed and I would definitely recommend it for a holiday or just for use as a buggy in general.


  1. Wow that is cheap!

  2. That looks fab. I have gone with two cheap Mammas and Pappas buggies for my twins - but they don't have a hood and I wish I had got one with a hood now!

  3. This looks great! You got a good bargain there too, I'm starting to look for a more lightweight pram for Osian, he doesn't need his travel system anymore and it's just to big! xx

  4. Fab bargain and great review x

  5. Anonymous5/8/14

    We're looking at buggies as we'll need a lightweight option soon, so this has been a really useful review! xx

  6. Looking at smaller buggies for the little miss at the minute and this one looks pretty funky xx

  7. Sounds like an ideal stroller for keeping in the car for shopping trips, holidays etc. Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested

  8. We're after a buggy for holiday too, this looks up to the job #TriedTested


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