Indiana's 7 Month Update


I have to say month 6 has been the quickest yet! Maybe it was because we went on holiday, or it's probably simply because Indie does so much more now the days just fly by! So today the 26th marks Indiana's 7th month and here's what she's like now:

I had Indie weighed last Wednesday (when she was 29+1 weeks) at the clinic. I was a bit surprised to see that in 4 weeks she had only put on 4lbs and is now 16lbs 12oz (although she's probably more now!). The health visitor said this is completely normal now though as they begin to move around more and obviously with weaning.

We're back into a pretty good routine now. She still wakes up at the same time but will now have a play before her morning bottle. Then it's nap number one and then breakfast once she's woken up. Then it's basically repeated with play/bottle/nap/food for the rest of the day. We now try to make sure she gets food if we're out, and our SnoozeShade means she naps brilliantly when out too! After dinner it's daddy time. He either does bath/bottle some quick cuddles and then puts her to bed around 7.30. Then it's parent time until it all starts again at 7am the next day!

All the same really. Still going to bed at 7.30ish after her last bottle. Now it's warmer and she's bigger we're into new grobags (1 togs for this hot, muggy weather). The big change to this is that last Saturday we stopped the dreamfeed (I'll be doing a separate post on this). It's actually going really well - yes I touched some wood as I wrote that haha - and we are offering water if she wakes up or her dummy. The past 2 nights have been amazing and she hasn't even stirred; keep it up monkey!
This is the area that has changed the most since last month! We're still on 4 bottles of Cow&Gate Stage 1 a day, where she takes anything from 6-8 ounces. Along with this she now has three meals a day with us. We are baby led weaning so no purees and no spoon feeding here! She's doing it all by herself and it is truly amazing to watch. We're a month in now and she's now learnt how to chew and swallow and boy don't those nappies prove it haha! She has picked it up brilliantly and we are both very proud, especially at how well she spoon feeds herself. I'm doing weekly updates so make sure to check those out!

We finally made it into the size 4 nappies woohoo! We also took only 6-9 months clothes on holiday so I decided to just do a complete switch last weekend so she's solely in that size now. I love when I get to bring out the next size as it's like a whole new wardrobe for her haha, especially when you find things you forgotten you've brought.

  • She now sits like a pro. I used to put pillows around her but now you don't really need to. She has also learnt to go down onto her front from this position too.
  • Talking! She babbles away constantly and now says 'dada' 'baba' etc
  • Moving progress - As well as going round in circles she now moves backwards haha. I found her behind the sofa yesterday!
  • Teeth!! She now has 2 teeth which are so so cute.
  • She now puts her hands up when she wants picking up (I admit I now pick her up continuously as this is so stinking cute! haha).
  • She went on her first holiday and plane journey and even used her big girls buggy!
  • Standing up - She can now stand if holding on/leaning against something as well as by just holding her hand.
  • Eating is a massive one. She's loving food and has pretty much enjoyed everything we've given her so far
I think that's about it for her this month, it's been a busy one! Now she's sitting up and interacting more we got her some 'grown up toys' including a teapot with the most irritating songs haha, but she loves them. She loves to make music too, and will happily shake a maraca or play with her rainmaker... such a clever girl! She has also finally started to notice animals too, and found my parents cats absolutely hilarious last week.

What was your little one up to at 7 months?
Emily xx


  1. Aw very cute update. It's such fun getting proper toys isn't it? I just did a bit of a Kiddicare haul and got some classics including a shape sorter and building blocks. Digs obviously doesn't really get what they're about yet, and mainly likes to bite them, but I'm having fun with them! haha xx

  2. Wow, she's doing so well. She looks such a happy girl in her photos


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