Indiana's 12 Month / 1 Year Update


So we made it, Indiana is 12 months old; an official 1 year old! I'm still in complete denial and I'm sure I'll be like this for a long while yet haha. This is slightly late as we've just been enjoying celebrating as a family so the blog has been forgotten a bit recently. Unfortunately we all had dreadful colds so the day was a bit overshadowed by that, however we had a lovely day which I'll write a separate post about! But back to her update:

Poor Indiana has suffered quite a bit recently; with a chest infection, numerous colds and teething she didn't put on a lot of weight. As of last Thursday she weighed a healthy 20lb 2oz.
The afternoon nap is back, thank the lord haha; although only when she's at home though! She's got into the habit of waking around 6/6.30 the past few weeks for no apparent reason. We started to give her her morning bottle in her cot and she would go back to sleep until around 7.30/8ish which was a nice treat. She's absolutely loving nursery! They do a Jo Jingles class in her room on a Monday which is lovely as she gets to be involved for free! She's now on two bottles a day of cows milk and eats 3 meals a day as well as snacks. She now loves to play with her toys a lot more, and will do so very independently (she doesn't like you to take things away from her or play with her if she's busy haha).

This girly gets so exhausted towards the end of the day and is generally in bed by 7pm now. She has a bottle of warm milk, snuggles her bunny and then gets put in her cot to sleep. Once she's down you won't hear a peep from her until the morning!
Where do I ever start?! Indiana is a massive foodie. She loves food and will happily eat all day if we let her haha; even nursery comment on how well she eats. Baby led weaning was the best decision we could have made and it's really worked well for Indiana. She uses her cutlery a lot more, will only throw her plate on the floor when she's done/it's empty, and will drink lots of water from her free flow beaker. She does have a habit of throwing the bits she doesn't want on the floor with a chorus of 'uh oh', but it's so cute I can't get annoyed haha. She had her first taste of chocolate on her birthday and couldn't have eaten it fast enough! She wasn't bothered by the switch from formula to full fat milk either, so we're really happy about that!
We're still in 9-12 but I knew we would be for a while. Luckily I have an excuse to buy things that are Christmassy haha, otherwise I'd have no excuse to shop. She's also finally got feet big enough for shoes! We got her measured at Clarks and she's currently a 3H (super wide feet like her mummy bless her). Size 4+ nappies.


  • WALKING! Indiana is now a full on walker. She toddles about everywhere, and now she has shoes we let her walk around when we're out.
  • New words: Indiana can now say 'ta' when we offer her things, bubble, 'woof woof'' for a dog, hiya, 'down' when she drops something on the floor.
  • 8 teeth! 4 at the top and 4 at the bottom
  • Using her cutlery when eating
  • Getting her first shoes
  • She loves putting things back in instead of taking them out - I'm loving this one haha
  • Switching from formula to cows milk
  • First tastes of chocolate

Whenever I watch Indiana play I can see her brain whizzing about, thinking about lots of things. She's such an intelligent little girl and it's amazing that we have played a part in her development. She's cheeky, loving, beautiful, clever and just an amazing little lady, and I just cannot believe she's one!

What were your little ones doing at 12 months?


  1. Our babiea are getting so big! Love the photos - she's got a cheeky little smile :) I must admit I love the way you dress her! I'm still in denail about Osian being 1 too, and it's been a whole months! Xx

  2. Super cute! Like me! Um at 1 I certainly wasn't walking - that was at 19minths!! And I had no teeth until I was 15 months! Last Christmas Eve actually! But, you know what, we're all different :) x x x


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