So today's the day, my baby girl is ONE!

I've been on such an emotional roller coaster this week. I'm a mixture of so excited and so upset; I can't wait for her to be a toddler and to watch her develop, but I really would love my tiny baby back haha.

This year has gone far too fast. Watching Indiana grow and develop has been the most amazing thing, and I'm so proud to say I'm her mummy!

Indiana turning one also means I made it! One whole year of being a mummy! A year full of sleepless nights, constant nappy changes, bottles, sick, snot, etc, etc haha. But also a year full of smiles, giggles, joy and amazement. 

Being a mum is by far the best thing I've ever done and although it happened sooner than we had planned, I would not change anything for the world (and yes I'm getting all emotional just writing this haha).
Thank you for following our journey on here and through our YouTube channel, I can't wait to see what the next year will bring!


  1. Happy first birthday beautiful little lady!

  2. Aw what a lovely post , and such gorgeous photos! I can't believe she is one happy birthday Indianna. I hope she has had a lovely first birthday xx

  3. Happy birthday Indiana! xx

  4. Anonymous26/11/14

    Oh god you're making me well up now as well haha! Hope you've had a lovely day, happy birthday Indiana! Xxx

  5. It's lovely seeing posts like this, they change so much in the first year and it's nice to watch them grow! I feel like I've been seeing her grow up thriugh reading your blog :) hope she had a lovely first birthday and you all enjoyed your day xxx


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