How to Create the Best Nursery for your Baby


For many first-time parents, decorating their baby’s nursery can be a daunting task. Thinking about what furniture you really need to buy, where to put everything in the room, and even just thinking about the paint colour can be stressful! However, there are some must-have items that can make the task much easier, and I'm going to share a few of these in this post. So read on if you're wanting to create the best nursery for your baby.

Less is More

It might be tempting to fill a nursery with all kinds of baby-related accessories. But when it comes to kiting out your baby’s room, less is more. Before you start shopping, think about what you actually need (and what looks good and will stand up to wear and tear). This way, you can easily create an aesthetically pleasing space that won’t get cluttered fast. Before you begin you can look at cute decorations for the baby's room on Instagram, Pinterest, and TikTok to get ideas on what aesthetic you’d like to go for. Make sure to choose a colour palette before you begin, so that you can start looking at items that specifically mesh will together from a design point of view. 


If there's one thing you absolutely need in a nursery, it's plenty of storage. You will quickly find out that you can never have enough! Items such as a nappy caddy, shelves, storage baskets, and even drawer dividers for baby swaddles and wraps are a must.

Keep your most frequently used items at arms reach for quick access when needed. Having lots of organised areas helps with keep the room tidy and clutter-free too! Even though lots of people say you have plenty of time to do all of this once baby is born, I definitely think it makes sense to get it all done during pregnancy, as it's so easy to have no time once baby is born.

The Furniture

Choosing furniture for a nursery can be a really fun experience, and once it’s all set up, you (and your little one) will get hours of enjoyment out of their new space. While there are certain essentials every nursery must have, each room has its own style and needs as well, so do keep this in mind.

In regards to a cot for baby, it is a great idea to invest in one that will turn into a toddler bed down the road - it will be worth the extra price as it will take your little to from birth until at least age 5. In regards to purchasing a dresser and a changing table, make sure you really think about whether these are vital for your needs. If your nursery is small you could look for a dresser with changing table combination so that you have more space. Or why not purchase a regular set of drawers and DIY it into a changing space! Not essentials, but you could also consider a glider or rocking chair with a small side table and a lamp for those midnight feedings or bedtime book readings.

The Basics

First on your list should be essentials like nappies, wipes, nappy sacks, and of course other common and necessary items like blankets, cot sheets, and a nightlight (for those night feeds). A sometimes forgotten purchase is blackout curtains or blinds for the windows - these are essential for those daytime naps! Larger toys and decorative items are of course not necessities straight away, but really make the room come together. 

It’s important to put together a room that can provide your little one with safety and comfort, as well as being a calming and peaceful place to sleep and relax. And hopefully with these tips above you can create just that!

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