5 Fantastic Christmas Gifts for 8 Year Olds


 This post was written in collaboration with Wicked Uncle.

It's getting to that time of year again where birthdays are rolling around, and of course Christmas is just around the corner too. Indiana is going to be 8 this year and we're finding it trickier than ever to buy suitable (but still fun) gifts for her. And I know if we're struggling as her parents, then our family must be finding it even more difficult - especially with having to find gifts for both her birthday and Christmas! Thankfully I know that Wicked Uncle will always have our backs in this situation, as their website it full of brilliant children’s presents

I thought I would put together a list of 5 fantastic and fun presents that would be perfect for 8 year old Indiana (or any 8 year old you are shopping for this year). Wicked Uncle's website is so perfectly designed, making it incredibly easy to browse through gifts dependent on age, gender or the recipients interests. I filtered my search as 'gifts for 8 year old', and these are just a few of a huge selection that caught my eye.

Horrible Histories The Board Game - £19.95

Indiana is in year 3 now and history is really becoming one of her favourite subjects. She watches the Horrible Histories TV show at school so I think this would be a great game for her to enjoy. Players have to 'race through history answering questions, full of foul facts & jokes', so not only is it fun but it's also educational for all the family.  The game includes over 600 questions too, so it's not going to be one of those games you'll get bored playing after a few goes.

Plop Trumps - It's the Business! - £6.99

Find me a child that doesn't find toilet humour funny! We love Top Trumps in this house, so I know this fun edition would go down well as a stocking filler or smaller gift. Plop Trumps is the game with a difference, as it combines a perfect blend of science and 'yuck-factor' with the traditional game play. The animal poo guessing game comes in it's own handy tin making it great for taking out-and-about too.

Tobbie Interactive Robot - £29.95

I love toys that have more than just one way to play with them, and Tobbie the interactive robot is just that. The kits comes with all the parts your child needs to build Tobbie (a task alone that can take up to 2 hours), and then once built it has a few modes of play. In 'Follow Me' mode Tobbie will follow you along, and in 'Explore' mode he will use his intelligent infrared sensors to explore on his own! Hours of fun and great for growing minds.

Slime DIY Case - £18.95

Slime is still hugely popular in our house, so this slime DIY kit would be a great choice for Indiana this year. I love that the kit has everything included so you don't have to go out and hunt down missing ingredients - plus you only need to add water so it should hopefully be a less messy version too!

100 Kids Activities Scratch off Bucket List - £12.95

This activity scratch off bucket list would make a perfect gift from a grandparent or other family member, for a child who already has all the toys and doesn't know what else to ask for! The list is full of ideas from making a snowman, to writing a story and even raising money for charity. Once the activity is complete, your child can then scratch off the foil to show what they have completed. It really is one of those gifts that keeps on giving and can last over a few years too.

As I mentioned above, this is just a tiny selection from the vast amount of lovely gifts Wicked Uncle have to offer. I would definitely recommend popping over to the website and seeing for yourself - you'll be surprised just how easy it is to find a great gift!

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