3 Home DIY Hacks for Busy Parents


When you already spend a lot of money on rent or a mortgage or other bills, no one wants to fork out for home fixes too. But DIY is an investment of both time and money! If it goes wrong, you’ve lost (at best) a Sunday afternoon and a few pennies. At worst, you could end up making a serious hash of things.

That said, you should never be afraid to try your hand at something new - provided it’s safe of course! While I don’t recommend you undertake your own electrical work, there are plenty of creative ways to fix up the odd jobs around your home and experiment safely with DIY. And with that in mind, in this post I'm going to share three home diy hacks for busy parents.

Home Rendering

Brickwork has a warm and classic feel to it, but as soon as it becomes worn and battered by age, wear and the impact of the great British weather, it can be a nightmare to fix. If your home needs a new lease of life, or if you simply feel like modernising, rendering from Direct Building Products is a great way to weatherproof your home and revive a shabby exterior. With a range of colours and finishes, you can even recreate the Balamory effect, or keep it simple with eggshell or ivory tones.

Furniture Revival

If your furnishings are looking a little worse for wear, it may be tempting to send them to the tip. And while there’s no point in keeping things which are well beyond repair, there are plenty of ways to get a little extra mileage out of them if you aren’t quite ready to part just yet! If your favourite wooden side table is covered in chips and scrapes from children, pets or general wear and tear, wood markers are a perfect quick fix. Anyone can use them, and they’re available in a wide range of shades so you’re certain to find a perfect match.

Alternatively, for those with a creative streak, a fresh coat of paint in a colour of your choosing can liven up any item of furniture. And if you’re feeling ambitious, decoupage is a great way to personalise your furnishings – use family photos, florals, or even prints out of magazines to create a home centrepiece that serves as a talking point to your guests.

Baskets, Baskets, Baskets!

Organisation is the heart of a happy home, especially if you’ve got young family members for whom tidiness is at the bottom of the priority list. Baskets are a great way to keep things neat and tidy, and they're a great budget-friendly option too. Keep them in cupboards to organise different types of items and you’ll always know where to find those essentials. You could even go one step further and label each basket so you can't forget what got put where. This is particularly useful in kitchens and bathrooms. Failing all else, the Marie Kondo method will rid you of unnecessary clutter - if it does not spark joy, simply throw it away.

What other tips would you add?

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