An Interview with my Seven Year Old | Indiana at 7 and 3/4!


I love that I've kept up with this yearly tradition of interviewing the Littles. I've asked Indie this same set of questions for the last few years now, and love that I can look back on her answers from age 3age 4age 5 and age 6. She's almost 8 now and I not actually surprised anymore that her answer to her favourite food hasn't changed... the girl loves chilli!

What’s the best thing about being 7?

There’s more rides I can go on at theme parks

What makes you laugh? 

People telling me jokes and being tickled

Who do you love, and why?

I love Amelie because she plays with me, and mummy and daddy too

What’s your favourite book?

The rainbow magic fairy books! (she's read SO many now)

What's your favourite food?

Chilli! (I’m not sure this will ever change!)

What's your favourite song?

I don’t know, but I like Disney songs

What's your favourite outfit?


What's your favourite TV programme? 

Spirit, and My Froggy Stuff on YouTube (I had no idea either, but it's a lady who role plays with Barbies and does toy unboxing)

What's your favourite toy? 

My baby dolls

What's your favourite thing to do?

Colouring, drawing and writing stories

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