Our Bedtime Routine with the Magic Dreamlight Unicorn


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If you ask any parents of young children, they will tell you how important a good nights sleep is for your little ones. Even just a few hours less at night can result in grumpy, overtired children! And a good nights sleep always starts with a good bedtime routine in our experience too. We made sure to introduce one from a young age with all three of our littles, and although they may be slightly older now and a few tweaks have been made along the way, it's still just as important!

Our evenings always start with eating dinner together around the table. I love that this gives us all chance to talk about our days and catch up. I make sure to ask each of them what their favourite part of the day was, as I find it's a lovely way to get them chatting about school or activities without pushing them. Jack usually arrives home from work not long after, and at 6.30pm he takes Lilah up to start her bedtime routine. 

Lilah's Bedtime Routine

If they aren't having a bath or shower, it's pjs on, teeth brushed, and then all jumping into bed for a story - a step of our bedtime routine we've done since day one. It's so lovely to snuggle up and wind down with a good book! Lilah's stories of choice at the moment usually feature mermaids or unicorns, but we are on to reading Harry Potter with the older two which brings me so much joy.

At 7pm Lilah is tucked into her bed alongside her Magic Dreamlight Unicorn. More than just a cuddly toy, the Magic Dreamlight unicorn is a lovely sleep aid too. Lilah simply presses the star on the unicorn's heart and a twinkly tune is played, followed by 30 minutes of glowing lights. The soothing lights gently change, emitting warm blues, yellows, pinks and greens. The lights are subtle enough to not fill the whole room, but give that reassurance that a lot of little ones needs if they don't like the dark. The lights then auto switch off after the 30 minutes or can be stopped by simply pressing the star again.

Lilah loves to snuggle her unicorn and is usually asleep before the lights have stopped glowing on most occasions! And the best part, because the unicorn is so soft and snuggly, it can be used as a 'normal' cuddly toy during the day too. It's quickly become unicorn obsessed Lilah's favourite toy! You can purchase the Magic Dreamlight from Smyths here.

Once Lilah is asleep, we take the big two up and repeat the same routine with them. They are then tucked up in to bed by 7.30pm, and Jack and I are free to enjoy our evenings! It's a simple routine, but we find it is working really well for us.

What does your child's bedtime routine look like?

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