An Interview with my Six Year Old | Parker at 6!


I shared Indiana's yearly interview yesterday, so of course I had to share Parker's today! He is becoming more and more grown up as each day passes, and I honestly cannot believe he's now 6! You can read his answers at age 3 here, age 4 here, and at age 5 here, and keep reading to see this year's responses.

What’s the best thing about being 6?

I can go on lots of rides!

What makes you laugh? 

Things that are funny and funny faces

Who do you love, and why?

Ewan because he had a fun party! And mummy because you make me smile 😭

What’s your favourite book?

Harry Potter (we’ve just finished The Philosopher’s Stone)

What's your favourite food?

Fish and chips and spaghetti

What's your favourite song?

We Will Rock You

What's your favourite outfit?

My Mario tops

What's your favourite TV programme? 

Teen Titans Go!

What's your favourite toy? 

Lego and The Switch (of course)

What's your favourite thing to do?

Go to school.. I'm not sure I believe this one!

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