Turn your Home into a Rustic Retreat


A lot of people are now turning away from the once popular white and sterile looking home. Instead they are wanting a warm and cosy feel around the home, with rich tones and comforts you would expect from a country cottage. It's much easier than you think to live out your country dreams without having to relocate though! You can create a warm and inviting atmosphere with exposed textures and a vintages style - so if you are looking to turn your current space into a comfy cottage, then hopefully these six tips will help you achieve your dream! 

Unique Decor Items

When you add a touch of the unusual to your home, you’ll be able to create a unique feature for every room. Whether it’s a hanging birdcage, a wooden flowerpot, or a wicker basket, these little design additions can really make a difference. Sites like Etsy are a great place to source vintage and handmade assets to improve the rustic aesthetic of any room. Or if you're feeling particularly crafty, why not have a go at making your own art work or craft to decorate your home!

Indoor Plants

Take a trip to local garden centre and pick up some greenery to turn your home into an indoor jungle. Not only does friendly foliage give your home a more welcoming, earthy feel, but they’re excellent at removing toxins from the environment too. From large stand-alone stubs to cute coffee table plant pots, the possibilities for you to connect with nature are endless!

Reading Nooks

There’s nothing cosier than curling up with a good book under a blanket, and although you probably don’t have views of vast lakes and rolling hills to admire, you can still designate your own little space full of pillows, blankets and stacks of novels. A well-stocked personal library ensures you’ll never go bored, and even if you never get around to reading them all, they'll make a great visual feature too. Have a look out for a large, comfy chair to fit the area too, and don't hold back on the blankets!

New Doors

White doors are always popular, but they can be a little too bright to fit the look that you’re going for. Instead, consider the wide range of artisan, stained oak options from the experts at Oakwood Doors. These doors will give your home the warm, rural feel you’re aiming for, and changing up your internal doors can have a real impact on the vibe of the room in general. 

Exposed Beams

Not a step everyone can follow, but if you can then exposed wooden beams for your ceilings are an excellent way to give your interiors those country vibes. They’ll have the most impact in the kitchen and lounge where they can be admired by your guests, adding a point of architectural interest to a room. You could always fake it if you really want to add this unique touch, as you can actually buy faux wooden beams now too. 

Second-hand Furniture

Choosing second-hand furniture is an excellent way to add a little bit of character to your interior design. Vintage pieces are perfect for that rustic look, especially when they’re mismatched. Finding these unique treasures can be so much fun too! Scour your local antique shops for the perfect cottage feel. Failing that, there are plenty of online options such as Preloved, or even Facebay where you can find some real hidden gems (and usually at a bargain price too).

How have you added a touch of cottage life to your home decor?

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