The Best Airport Artwork Around the World


Airports are easily the most stressful part of any international adventure. Whether you’re travelling for business or with family, no one looks forward to this first or final part of their travels (although a wander around Duty Free can sometimes soften the blow a little). Many airports try to offset this tense environment with fascinating artwork displays. These add character to otherwise extremely functional spaces, and gives passers-through a glimpse of local culture. 

Airport artwork is an opportunity for a city to show off its local talent with pride. But did you know there are so many wonderful ones? Here are just 5 installations you may have seen if you're lucky enough to visit these airports around the world.

Heathrow Umbrellas, London

The Heathrow Umbrellas were an installation designed to raise awareness about autism, ADHD and other conditions under the same umbrella. This glorious display of colour was created with the help of Mead Construction and Ormiston Wire, and was displayed for a mere two weeks in October 2018, meaning it is sadly no longer available to view. However, Heathrow Airport has many other works of art installed, including Richard Wilson’s Slipstream which greets travellers at Terminal 2.

Kinetic Rain, Singapore 

Located in Terminal 1 of Singapore’s Changi Airport, Kinetic Rain consists of over 1,200 bronze raindrops suspended from the ceiling and motorised to create a mesmeric moving indoor display. The installation took an entire team of programmers, technologists and artists to construct, and over 20 months to create, but the hypnotic result is well worth the work that’s gone into this incredible piece. 

Destinations, Frankfurt

Martin Liebscher is a German artist and photographer whose large-scale works have built him a well-regarded reputation. So it’s no surprise that this local talent has artworks displayed in one of Germany’s biggest transport hubs. His piece Destinations in Frankfurt Airport lines either side of the Passenger Tunnel, and features various stunning images, including a night-time cityscape glittering in urban lights.

Harmonic Convergence, Miami

Christopher Janney’s Harmonic Convergence installation is an interactive display of light and sound, that guides travellers through Miami Airport via the pedestrian walkway. The piece utilises light, colour and sound, playing tropical sounds of birds and thunderstorms for an immersive introduction to the south of Florida.

LaGuardia Airport, New York

Many airports feature a number of standout works of art by inspiring local artists. But the post-lockdown revival of LaGuardia Airport in New York represents not only a shining light after dark times, but a remarkable showcase of talent from around the world. The installation of four new works of art of Jeppe Hein, Laura Owens, Sabine Hornig and Sarah Sze was completed as part of a Public Art Fund initiative and has brought a new lease of life to this major international hub.

These are just five incredible works of art, past and present, from airports around the globe that capture the imaginations of travellers every day.

Have you ever seen any memorable creations in the airports you've visited?

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