5 Tips for Getting Your Proposal Right


It’s such a special moment when your partner says 'yes!' and you get to experience that rush of love simultaneously. But how do you make sure the most crucial moment in your life is perfect? In this post I'm going to share 5 tips, that will hopefully make your marriage proposal unforgettable and romantic.

Include Flowers

Receiving a bunch of flowers always make my day, so of course they are perfect to include in a proposal. If you are stuck on ideas, get the help of experts in a flower shop to help you select the flowers that will best fit your partner’s personality or those that represent your relationship. Comforting words for your partner is also essential during the proposal. If you are composing a poem or song to sing to your partner, you can work with experts to help you pen it, so it comes out beautifully.

Choose a Good Location

Of course the location of your proposal it is up to you, but it's always a good idea to make sure you look for a romantic and private location to make the moment memorable. Some ideal locations could include your partner’s (or yours as a couple) favourite spot, a romantic restaurant or out in nature where it’s quiet and serene. You might think your partner would prefer a more public announcement, but try to remember it's about the two of you, and not how many people are watching.

Pick out the Perfect Ring

An engagement ring gives an impression of stability and is an excellent example of commitment to your partner. You could ask a professional designer like Reve Diamonds to help you pick the right ring, as they will be most knowledgeable about gem stone and different cuts. It's always a good idea to consider the wedding band in the future too, as your partner will most likely want them to match and fit together nicely.

Plan Ahead

It is best to try to plan for your proposal at least two months ahead, to give you enough time to pick and purchase the ring and plan the moment properly. You could get family and friends on board if you want too - just make sure you only tell those that you know won't ruin the surprise!

Be Creative

It's always lovely to get creative with decorations in the spot you're planning to propose. Why not try and hire a professional designer to create the perfect romantic atmosphere with flowers and your partner’s favourite colours. I've seen proposals written in the sand, or held up with perfectly placed signs. Whatever you do though, just make sure it's something you know you'll both love and enjoy.

The steps mentioned above are the basic rules that will help you to make your marriage proposal unforgettable. But of course the most important thing to remember is the love and happiness between you and your partner. When you are ready to propose, be willing to accept your partner’s response however it may go. And good luck!

This is a collaborative post.

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