Top Tips for a Stress-Free Family Camping Trip


Camping with children can be a struggle, but as long as you leave prepared, it can also be a really fun and memorable experience. So if you have any plans to take your children camping in the near future, by following these top tips you can hopefully make camping with children a stress-free excursion for everyone. Are you ready to learn some useful hacks? Let's get this (camping) party started!

Bring Plastic Tubs

Maintaining a sense of order is essential to making your camping trip a more enjoyable experience. Not only does the organisation of your equipment before you leave make it much easier to unpack and remember where everything is when you reach your destination, but it should hopefully mean you don't forget anything essential. Get some clear plastic storage tubs (with lids if possible) and then label them so you know exactly where everything is. These should also make packing the car much easier too! 

Set up Wash Stations

One of the inevitabilities of camping is the fact that you will become muddy and filthy. As much fun as it is, it can also be a logistical headache when you want to eat with clean hands, and you do not want muddy footprints all over your belongings.

To help with this you can set up a hand - and foot- washing station. Take one of the empty aforementioned plastic tubs to be used by both adults and children to wash their feet. You will also need a jug that you may use to pour water over your hands and feet while you are washing. Get some soap and some flannels to remove the dirt and place the tub on a plastic mat or towel immediately outside your tent. These can also come in handy for late night loo-trips too.

Remember lots of Lights

Campsites are frequently located in the middle of nowhere, which means that it is pitch black at night most of the time. You will need to find some means of generating light during the night, especially if the children wish to walk up and down to the toilets. A reliable flashlight from ECOGEAR FX is a good idea.

Glow sticks can be purchased for a reasonable price from many places nows, are a great way to add some illumination in a fun way. You can get them as necklaces or bracelets, which are a terrific way to keep track of where your children are in the dark while also providing a mild glow of illumination!

Many experienced campers bring their own headlamps with them too. They are inexpensive to purchase and make going back and forth to the bathroom much easier, especially if you are holding small children or carrying a lot of stuff.

First Aid Kit

Ideally, you should keep one of these in your car or van at all times, but they are especially vital when camping, as they may help you deal with any fevers, cuts and stings, burns, or insect bites that may occur. You can purchase pre-assembled kits that include the necessities, or you can purchase all of the items separately and create your own kit. Whatever you do, just make sure you have read the instructions on products such as thermometers, so you know how to use them straight away if they are needed!

What camping tips would you add?

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