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Reading is something I have always been passionate about, and therefore something we've tried to instil with our children from early on too. Whether this is through reading books together throughout the day, or snuggling down with a bedtime story every night, there's not a day that goes by that books aren't a part of. I am definitely one to think that you can never have enough books either, so when the creators of DeeDee and DanDan got in touch to review their new book, how could I say no!

What is the Book About?

Written by couple Aneta and Mariusz Wojcik, DeeDee and DanDan's Busy Day came about when the couple were trying to help their bilingual children to develop their speech and understanding. They studied the scientific research of the effects reading stories has on children's vocabulary, and then used this to create and develop their book. 

The book follows the format of 'normal' childhood development; firstly introducing simple words and objects for them to recognise and understand. Then moving on to saying these simple words and answering basic questions, and then finally giving them the ability to explain cause and effect. So by reading DeeDee and DanDan's Busy Day regularly, you should hopefully watch your child's speech and vocabulary develop and grow.

The first page of the book takes you through how to use the book to get the most from it. Of course you can just go through the book like any other story (especially as every child goes at a different pace), but this is here to help. 

Who are DeeDee and DanDan?

Of course the book doesn't look and feel overly 'educational', but actually an inviting and colourful book with some lovely illustrations. You are quickly introduced to the family as they take you through your day. You have Mum, Dad and their children - Older brother Leo, DeeDee, DanDan and their baby sister DoDo, and their dog PomPom too. Each page of the book takes you through different parts of their day, all of which will be familiar to your child/ren; including breakfast time, nursery, a trip to the park and the shops, and of course bedtime.

As well as lovely illustrations on each page, there's the simple story to read, and then 3 sections of interaction for you to enjoy with your child (as explained above). Younger children can help find the items in the illustration, and then tell you what each person is doing at this part of the story. Once your child has more understanding you can develop the story by asking them questions at the bottom of each page. Just remember to keep it fun with your child, and don't push them for answers if they aren't interested or ready for it yet. Reading is meant to be enjoyable not a chore!

Where Can I Get the Book?

My youngest Lilah is 3 and has really enjoyed reading DeeDee and DanDan's Busy Day with me, and sitting and going through the book by herself too. She really enjoys finding the pictures in the illustrations and can happily answer a number of the questions now she's that little bit older. I think it's great that the sections of the book are so relatable, especially to show Lilah what lunch time will look like at preschool, as this is going to be something she will be doing herself soon. Of course her favourite page is 'Getting Dressed' as she loves pointing out DoDos nappy.. you'll have to get the book to find out why!

The book is available NOW in hardback on Amazon and currently retails at £14.99. You can also buy the book directly from their website where you can order multiple copies for a reduced price. Make sure to follow DeeDee and DanDan on Instagram and Facebook to keep up to date with everything too!


  1. what a gorgeous little book. This would make a great gift!!

  2. Love the look of this book - educational + cute = win!


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