Top Tips for Decorating with a Young Family


When it comes to decorating your home, it can be hard to know where to start. Should you embrace the vibrant sofa trend for the new year, or upgrade the art in your living room? Thankfully there are lots of places where you can find some inspiration though, with Pinterest, Instagram and lifestyle magazines absolutely full of ideas.

However if you’re a parent (or even a pet owner), then decor decisions may not be something you're most concerned about. Most luxury items such as cream sofas and decorative trinkets are out of question, and expensive items are usually locked away or left gathering dust on top shelves. But there are a few simple things you can do, that can help you to make the most of your interior during the early years of your family. So here are my top 6 tips for decorating when you have a young family!

Remember Things get broken!
Young children and young animals (and even older ones) can make a lot of damage. As many parents testify, it doesn’t matter how careful you are, things get lost, broken or altered in ways you didn’t even think were possible. If you have expensive or treasured items, make sure to keep them out of the way of little hands. Maybe purchase a cabinet to display these items, but also keep them safe.

Add a Splash of Colour!
The most natural reaction when you consider the risks, not only for your children but also for your precious belongings, is to go for a bare interior style. You can however bring some personality to your home without putting the things you love within reach of small hands. You’ll be surprised to find out how much a feature wall can transform a room. From accent colours to bold wallpapers, you can get creative at home without breaking the bank. And if you’re worried about fingerprints or enthusiastic drawings on the lower half of the walls, you can buy washable wall paint to use!

Forget About Carpet (for now)!
We are so used to having carpet everywhere, that it’s easy to forget the health risk that comes with it. Dust, pet hair, dry skin and other particles find their way in between the fibres of the carpet and are almost impossible to dislodge with a standard vacuum. Children and pets are more likely to stain carpets too (especially when potty training!), meaning that your beautiful white and fluffy floor can rapidly turn grey and stained. Why not consider flooring solutions that can easy to manage, such as micro-concrete floors from Carrcrete for instance.

Don’t Overspend on your Children's Bedrooms!
It’s not uncommon for new parents to invest more in their child’s bedroom, than they would in the renovation or remodelling of a bathroom or kitchen. While there’s no denying that your baby will need a plethora of items, you need to be careful about how much you spend on decorating and preparing the room. Babies and young children grow up quickly though, so you'll find yourself having to redecorate that beautiful nursery in no time. Instead why not invest in smart furniture and design, such as an extendable bed or neutral walls.

Child (and Pet) Proof Everything!
Injuries can be frequent during the first few years as a family, so it’s a good idea to build a child (and pet) safe interior. Start by keeping every chemical products out of their reach – you can use magnet-operated locks for your cupboard doors for instance. Sockets and cables need to be hidden away, and sharp corners should be covered too. While this reduces your options for beautiful furniture, you can add a small creative touch by painting the doors of your kitchen cupboard to freshen up the look. Chalk paint also works wonders on battered furniture pieces!

Family Photos make Great Decor!
When your children are too young for a fragile and sophisticated decor, you can replace art pieces with family memories. Hanging frames with your favourites pictures can go a long way in injecting some personality to your home. Why not frame some of your children's art work too, for some unique but special displays.

Decorating with a young family can be a challenge for most homeowners. But it doesn't have to be! Just remember that during these years, less is more for your home style. And you'll soon have your home back to style just the way you like it.

This is a collaborative post.

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