Lilah at 11 Months Old


This time last year I was almost full term, anxiously awaiting the arrival of our baby girl. And now here we are, with just a few weeks to go until our beautiful Lilah turns one. Howww did we get here already?! 

Lilah is still a petite little lady, weighing only 18lbs 11oz (at 48 weeks). She's fitting nicely into 9-12 month clothing and following her growth curve nicely, so neither we or the health visitor have any concerns. She is eating absolutely loads, and now she's only having 2 bottles a day, I think we need to introduce snacks as she seems hungry constantly! Since last month she has also popped another tooth through (a molar!), which I cannot believe.. she's going to have a full set in a few months at this rate.

Development wise, Lilah is definitely a walker now. She walks around the house flitting between toys, and as she can stand herself up there's no stopping her. We haven't got her any shoes yet, but I think we'll need to soon so she can walk about outside. That's not saying she doesn't 'talk' at all though, as she is constantly babbling / screeching away to herself.

This month is such an exciting one for Lilah, as we're celebrating her very first Christmas! She is already obsessed with all of the twinkly lights and pulling baubles off of the tree. Although I don't think she was so sure about Father Christmas - there were no tears though which is a win right? I can't wait to spend lots of time together as a family over the next few weeks, and I'm sure Lilah is going to be over the moon to have her daddy home for nearly 2 weeks!

I cannot believe that the next time I share one of these updates our baby girl will be one. Although I'm quite pleased I only have one of these flower photos to capture, they are impossible these days!

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