Making Room for Nature in your Home


Your home goes beyond the realms of your interior decor. While many homeowners focus their entire attention on designing exciting interiors, they can sometimes neglect their outdoor decor. If you own a house (bungalow, terraced, or even detached property) with a front and back garden, you can’t afford to ignore how the exterior of your property affects your homely feel.

Would you feel at home if you parked the car on a messy drive every evening, and had to fight your way through an overgrown garden to get to the door? If the answer is no, then here’s a short guide on making your outdoor space homely again! 

The eternal challenge of birds in the garden 
If you love the idea of a vibrant red robin stopping in your garden in winter, you know that you need to prepare the spot in advance. Bird feeders are hugely popular - not only because they provide the guarantee of attracting birds into your garden, but also because they’re an easy and practical way to inject new life into your outdoor decor.

The more birds come to your garden, the more likely you are to struggle with stains on the driveway, the walls and the windows too. You can, however, protect your premises by using targeted bird control service, such as the addition of pigeon spikes to deter them from perching on your window sills and porch. An elegant alternative to the bird feeder is to add a pond, which will provide water to the birds and limit droppings to a small area.

The green garden that turns to chaos
If you’ve been dreaming of a wild garden you’ve probably come to realise that it takes a lot of work to manage the wilderness. Creating a naturalistic and untamed look comes down to one method - managed landscaping. The selection of plants is essential. You need to create a frame with evergreen shrubs, perennials and ornamental grasses to bring structure and natural filling. Last, but not least, garden maintenance plays a crucial role in the design of your untamed backyard. Remember that greenery adds a stylish finish to your home, but it’s not designed to take over the property!

Bringing a plant indoors makes your home healthier It’s been widely accepted that the presence of nature can be soothing. During the warmer months of the year your wild garden can help you to relax, but then comes the winter, and the garden disappears. You can find peace in making a place for nature under your roof. Houseplants are not just a stylish eye-catcher in your decor though. Plants actively help to purify the indoor air; boosting your mood and your cognitive abilities. 

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