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We've lived in our house for over a year now, yet there are still so many things we want to do to it. One of the biggest areas we still need to give some love to is our garden. After living in a flat for so long, a garden was the most exciting part of moving to a house, and honestly, the novelty still hasn't worn off!

But with the weather being so rubbish this year so far, and life being a little crazy with three little ones, we've just not had the time to make it somewhere special. Yes the grass is cut, and we have a few bits and bobs, but it's definitely far from perfect. I have loads of ideas though, so I thought I'd share what we'd love to do to create the perfect summer ready garden for the littles...

A New Lawn

One of the main areas I'd love to tackle is the grass. As I mentioned above, we do keep it cut... but that's about it! The previous owners must have had pets, so it's uneven and bare in places. So what we'd love to do, is remove everything that's there right now, and replace it with artificial grass. Not only would this give us a perfect looking lawn all year round, but it would mean we wouldn't have to bother mowing it or worrying about weeds! We also have a little suspicion that Parker may have a grass allergy, so this would help with this too.

Artificial grass rolls have grown massively in popularity in recent years, and there are a bunch of different styles and colours available, depending on the type of finish you’re going for in your garden space. Grass Warehouse offer free samples on their ranges, allowing you to get a look and feel for the grass in-person if you’re struggling to decide which range is right for you.

Create a Vegetable Patch

Indie and Parker love being outside and helping out, so I think creating them their own little vegetable patch would be such a fun addition to the garden. We would let them pick what they'd want to grow, and get them to help us with the whole process. Parker is always stealing food from the fridge, so I think he'd love to be able to eat his very own vegetables from the garden!

Some New Garden Toys

We already have a lovely selection of garden toys, including a sand table, slide and a fantastic Little Tikes Water Table. But we would love to get them a few more bigger items to enjoy while in the garden. The top of my list is definitely a trampoline. Both my sister and my mum have them in their gardens, and it's all they want to do when we visit! So I know this would be a perfect addition to our garden.

A Little Friend...

We've discussed getting a pet a long time now, but I think if we did manage to improve the garden we would finally do it! I know the Littles (and Jack and I) would love a pet rabbit, and I think it would be such a fun little addition to our family.

What would you add to your dream garden?

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